New Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp is a spoonful favorite flavors

New Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp, photo provided by Kashi
New Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp, photo provided by Kashi /

While cereal can be enjoyed any time of day, certain flavors seem to shine in the bowl. Even if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, that extra sweetness can come from wholesome ingredients. With the new Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp, breakfast cereal is transformed with favorite flavors that often fill the breakfast table.

Sometimes the breakfast table is a splurge meal. Who hasn’t enjoyed a leisurely weekend breakfast with stacks of waffles, plates of bacon and an endless supply of coffee. While those bigger breakfasts are hearty, they may not be the better choice for an every day offering.

Still, people crave certain flavors. From a touch of sweetness to classic food choices, the food memories are etched. Now, people want to find new ways to enjoy them.

With the new Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp, the flavor borrows from those classic breakfast waffles. Although there might not be a pat of butter and maple syrup filling the plate, the familiar taste is in every spoonful. From the warm spice of the cinnamon to the sweetness of the maple syrup, the crunch might be unexpected, but the taste is one that satisfies.

As Melanie Hall, director of brand marketing at Kashi said, “our newest flavor brings better, wholesome ingredients, light and crispy texture, and warm familiar flavors to fuel you in the morning or during the day.” While the sentiment is clear, the truth is that Kashi has always found a way to balance healthy food choices, creative flavors and convenience.

Looking at this new cereal, there is innovation beyond the flavor. The shape is reminiscent of other popular childhood cereal. It is enjoyable with milk or can even be poppable. That versatility ensure that a box is always in the pantry.

And, since it is Kashi, each serving is packed with nutrition. According to the brand, there are “22g of whole grains, 4g of fiber and chickpeas.” It goes to show that smart food choices can be tasty and fun. It just has to have a spoonful of creativity.

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The new Kashi Maple Waffle Crisp is available at select retailers. Check with stores or online for more information.

What other favorite breakfast flavors would you like to see transformed into a cereal? Is the cereal bowl a place for flavor nostalgia?