7 best coffees to jump start and caffeinate your day


Ready to jump start your day with an amazing cup of coffee? These seven best coffees are a great way to start the day.

From regular drip to cold brew, coffee is the beverage to start many people’s day. Putting aside the machine used to make that morning cup of coffee, some coffee is better tasting that others. While some people may prefer flavored options, these seven best coffees are just coffee, no added flavored extras. Agree disagree or share your opinion on this best coffees list. We’re game to try another cup with you.

7 best coffees, photo by Cristine Struble

7 best coffees to jump start your day

Wicked Joe Sumatra

If you like medium roast coffee, the Wicked Joe Sumatra is a must try. This organic, fair trade coffee is full bodied yet never bitter. With hints of chocolate and exotic spice, the flavor is slightly intense yet never overpowering.

As a fair trade coffee, Wicked Joe offers a living wage to the coffee farmers in Indonesia. The idea is to offer an incentive for farmers to work on the land in return for proper income. The ideal benefits the farmer, the company and the consumer.

7 best coffees, Wicked Joe Sumatra, Cristine Struble

Wicked Joe Sumatra is also organic. Harvested from Indonesia, the coffee beans come from a volcanic, organic soil in the small growing region. The resulting coffee highlights a clean, yet intense flavor that coffee lovers enjoy.

Wicked Joe Sumatra is delightful as a plain, black cup of coffee. The spice notes are subtle, yet noticeable. The chocolate adds a sense of sweetness without becoming cloying. Even if you enjoy cream or sugar with your coffee, the Wicked Sumatra flavor still comes through.

Wicked Joe Sumatra is sold in one pound, whole bean bags. It retails for approximately $9.99.

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Lavazza Classico

Lavazza is considered one of the best Italian coffees on the market. While the company offers various types of coffee, the Lavazza Classico is perfect for that morning cup of steaming hot coffee. The full bodied flavor is an instant eye opener.

Even though the Lavazza is full bodied, the coffee has several fruit forward flavors. Like Italian wines, the fruitiness of the coffee is subtle yet apparent. Overall, the coffee is quite smooth and a perfect way to start the day. Plus, the caffeine kick will keep you energized for a long time.

Lavazza Classico is available at various retailers in bean, ground and K-cup formats.

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Stumptown Coffee

Seattle and coffee are a classic combination. For true coffee lovers, Stumptown Coffee is one of the best coffees. To get a good sense of the company, Stumptown Hair Bender is the perfect place to start.

Stumptown Hair Bender got its name from the very first Stumptown location, an actual hair salon. As the name suggests, Stumptown isn’t pretentious, but it does enjoy a mighty fine cup of coffee.
Stumptown Hair Bender is a blended coffee. While primarily from Indonesia, the blend has Latin American and African influences. Overall, the coffee is quite complex yet totally smooth.

Overall, Stumptown Hair Bender has a sweet quality to its flavor. With hints of cherry, chocolate and toffee, the coffee is delightful just on its own, no sweetener needed.

Stumptown can be purchased online for $15 for 12 ounces of whole beans.

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Starting with a desire to find a delicious cup of coffee, two entrepreneurs decided to create that elusive cup of coffee themselves. Intelligentsia was born. Although Intelligentsia began in Chicago, the company has expanded into other cities and online. Now, everyone can enjoy that elusive delicious cup of coffee.

While Intellligentsia has several different exquisite options, the El Gallo Breakfast Blend is one of the best coffees to start the day. This blended coffee features Mexican and Ethiopian beans. For that morning eye opener, this coffee is a must try.

Unlike other coffees, the Intelligentsia El Gallo Breakfast Blend has stone fruit flavors with some citrus notes. These fruit flavors add a brightness to the smooth coffee. Also, the underlying sweet flavors from caramel and nougat balance the fruit flavors. This delightful blend makes it hard to stop at just one morning cup of coffee.

Intelligentsia El Gallo Breakfast Blend can be purchased online via the Intelligentsia website.

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Hawaii Coffee Company, Kona Coffee

One of the most expensive coffee beans is the Kona bean. These coffee beans are specifically from the Kona Belt in Hawaii. Like champagne is only from France, real Kona coffee can only be from this particular region in Hawaii. Since it is a small region, the price for these high quality beans can be quite pricey.

Hawaii Coffee Company has a couple Kona coffees, but the most popular is the Royal Kona Private Reserve. This medium roast coffee is quite smooth. No matter how this Kona coffee is brewed, there isn’t an underlying bitterness.
In addition to be smooth, this Kona coffee is extremely aromatic. One whiff offers an eye opening burst of coffee goodness. From first brew to last sip, this Kona coffee is completely enjoyable.

Hawaii Coffee Company Royal Kona Private Reserve Kona coffee can be purchased online. A seven ounce bag retails for $17.95.

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illy Medium Roast

Espresso fans are familiar with illy. But, regular coffee drinkers need to discover illy as well. With 80 years of experience, illy knows a perfect cup of coffee.

The illy coffees are blended Arabica coffees. The coffee beans have been blended to achieve the perfect balance of flavor. Each and every cup creates a delight cup of coffee each and every morning.

The illy Medium Roast opens with a lovely coffee aroma. Bold, yet not overpowering, the first whiff can make your immediately crave a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. The coffee itself is bold yet not overwhelming.

Balancing the coffee itself is a hint of sweetness from chocolate and caramel. The two sweet flavors are subtle, yet notable. The balance makes this coffee quite craveable and drinkable where drinking it becomes a habit.

Available at various retailers and online, illy Medium Roast is a reasonably priced coffee.

Cold-pressed espresso, Starbucks’ newest cold beverage, photo from BusinessWire

Starbucks French Roast

Before anyone complains about Starbucks on this list, let’s be honest. Who hasn’t stopped at Starbucks for coffee? Granted many of the company’s coffee offerings are season or highly sugared coffee drinks, the Starbucks French Roast makes a good cup of regular coffee.

Starbucks French Roast is considered the darkest roast of the Starbucks catalogue. As a highly intense, dark roast, the coffee is a great choice for coffee drinkers who add cream or sugar to

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Also, the slightly smoky character to this coffee add to its popularity. Smoky flavors can be both compelling and comforting. With less acidic notes, it offers full flavor while being easy to drink.
Starbucks French Roast is available at Starbucks and other retails.

Whether you get up before the sun or leisurely rise, these seven best coffees will be a bright part to the start of your day. Do you have a favorite coffee to share? Tell us your morning pick me up or best coffees by tagging #FoodSided.