Cracker Barrel entices guests to quench their thirst with new beverages

Cracker Barrel new beverages, photo provided by Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel new beverages, photo provided by Cracker Barrel /

While the country favorites fill the menu, the Cracker Barrel new beverages are a reason to make a special visit. After adding alcoholic options to the menu, many guests appreciate the opportunity to have a little extra with those breakfasts or even chicken fried steak. What will be guests be sipping next?

For many people, Cracker Barrel is calls from those highway billboards. While the rocking chairs on the porch might encourage people to sit a spell, the homey cooking is a bite of comfort. Always tasty and never fussy, the flavors bring people back time and again.

At the same time, the Cracker Barrel restaurant menu is never stale. As Cracker Barrel Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Tate said, “Cracker Barrel is constantly evolving our menu, while ensuring we keep our everyday value promise front and center.” That sentiment is clear as the restaurant brand expanded its beverage menu.

What Cracker Barrel new beverages are a must try?

Available for a limited time, Cracker Barrel added both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They include Roscato Moscato Wine and Roscato Sweet Red Wine, Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails Lynchburg Lemonade, Fudge Hot Chocolate and Fruit Stand Tea.

The Fruit Stand Tea has tremendous versatility for the restaurant menu. The seasonal favorite brings stone fruit to the brew. With flavors of “peach, apricot and dark cherry,” the tea can pair with almost anything on the menu. From a sweet pairing with a breakfast platter to cutting through the richness of those chicken dumplings, it is a beverage that cannot be missed.

Looking at the alcoholic beverages, the wines appeal to a sweeter palate. In some ways, this beverage addition is keeping with wine trends. Sweeter wines, including slightly effervescent wines, are refreshing. Served slightly chilled, it is quite delightful on a warm day.

The addition of the Jack Daniel’s cocktails is a nod to that classic country cuisine. Bringing a little down home feel, the spiked lemonade encourages people to linger a while longer. Although it might not come with a yarn from grandpa, it is a flavor of a simpler time.

Lastly, the Fudge Hot Chocolate is a delight for young and old. While kids might beg mom for a second glass, this beverage could be a dessert at the end of the meal.

While the new wines are a permanent addition, the other beverages are available for a limited time, with a May 15 ending date. It is best to check with local restaurants for availability.

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What entices you to visit Cracker Barrel? Do you enjoy the new beverage options?