Serendipity Brands brings Frrrozen Hot Chocolate to your freezer

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Serendipity3)
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Serendipity3) /

As one of the most iconic desserts, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is the menu item that everyone must have at the infamous Serendipity3 in New York City. Now Serendipity Brands is bringing that favorite flavor to the home freezer. Is your spoon ready to dig in?

Serendipity Brands has been pushing the envelope with its retail offerings. The various pints have brought the fun and frivolity of the restaurant to the ice cream bowl. From the Selena Gomez flavor Cookies & Cream Remix to the Unicorn Bliss Sundae, the flavors have had many people screaming for more and more. While the uniqueness has people make that first purchase, the deliciousness brings them back for purchase after purchase.

With the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate pint, the flavor is relatively straightforward. The hot chocolate flavored ice cream has chocolate shavings and a whipped cream swirl. Although the dessert will not warm your hands like that glass of hot chocolate, it does have that spoonful of comfort just like that classic beverage.

Thinking about this offering, why not turn that ice cream pint into an over the top eating experience at home. From a special dish for serving to even just some Fancy Sprinkles to brighten the look, there are plenty of ways to make it more than just eating ice cream. In some ways, that idea could bring part of the restaurant beyond its four walls.

Bringing this frozen dessert to a larger audience is smart for the brand. While many people make the restaurant a must stop during that trip to New York City, the reality is that a spoonful of that deliciousness brings back all the memories from the dining experience. Food and memories are often intertwined.

The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity Brands is available for purchase online as well as via GoPuff, where available. All other Serendipity Brands flavors are also available for purchase.