6 Ferrero Easter offerings that are bunny approved

Ferrero Easter treats, photo provided by Ferrero
Ferrero Easter treats, photo provided by Ferrero /

As the days are getting shorter to the hopping-good holiday, these Ferrero Easter candy offerings are ready to join the Easter basket. Which treats will you find at the end of this year’s bunny trail?

Many people have Easter candy traditions. While studies show that Easter is America’s favorite seasonal candy, the reality is that certain sweet treats seem to satisfy that ultimate craving. Even if it is just one bite, the celebration is not complete without them.

This year, the Ferrero Easter candy has a wide array of new and returning favorites. While much of the choices are twists on classics, there is always a reason to fill the basket to the brim.

Kinder Mini Hollow Figures

Similar to those Kinder Joy, sometimes a little bite satisfied. The Kinder Mini Hollow Figures have a milky layer inside to complement that creamy chocolate. While the springtime themed wrappers are almost too pretty to undo, there is no resisting that chocolate waiting to be enjoyed.

Butterfinger and Crunch NestEggs

Eggs and Easter go hand in hand. While the old saying about never laying a finger on that Butterfinger might have parents thinking back to their youth, everyone will enjoy these NestEggs in the Easter basket. And, these eggs are a welcome sight even a week after the big celebration.

Ferrero Collection Bunny Gift Box

Even though a chocolate bunny is an Easter candy tradition, this Ferrero Collection Bunny Gift Box brings a little sophistication to the celebration. With 13 pieces of elevated confections, it can be hard to pick a favorite. From the dark chocolate Rondnoir to the Raffaello with almond and coconut, it might be best to sample them all.

Fannie May Mint Cookie Clusters

The iconic Chicago candy company has rolled out a new offering. The individually wrapped piece allows a little indulgence to satisfy that sweet craving. With chocolate cookie bits that have been blended with mint chocolate, the mint Meltaways fans might have a new favorite.

Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Easter Pack

Whether it is that 100 layers of flavor or that classic shake sound that turns any moment into a melody, the Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Easter Pack bursts with sweet, tangy and juicy flavors. Whether eaten one at a time or by the handful, there is always a reason to have another package of Tic Tac within reach.

Mini Nutella Easter Jar

In many households, the Nutella jar is always on the table. From breakfast waffle to an ingredient in a decadent dessert, there is always a reason to open a jar of the chocolate hazelnut spread. These 1.05 oz mini Nutella jars could be a great choice to put on the brunch table. After all, no one should run out of Nutella on a holiday.

These Ferrero Easter offerings are just a few of the many candy options on the shelf. Isn’t it time to hop to the store before they disappear?