Uber expands grocery delivery to offer even more convenience

(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images) /

For many people, Uber has become more than just convenience of getting from point A to point B. While large scale cities might have always been accustomed to relying on others to connect them to places, food and services, the convenience of coordinating almost everything through an app has become the norm. With the latest announcement from the company, grocery delivery becomes another component in the bigger convenience umbrella.

Whether it is busy schedules, lack of time or just a desire to get assistance with a task, services, like Uber, have become part of people’s daily lives. While there is always a place for that ride to the airport or the smart choice of having someone else provide a ride home after an evening out, the app is more than just a comfy seat in the back of a car.

Over the past several years, Uber has become the lifeline. From taking people to appointments to bringing food when it was not possible to leave the couch, a pattern has formed. Given that familiarity, the brand is expanding that connection. Ready for Uber grocery delivery?

Previously, Uber has allowed users to stack stops and combine deliveries. Those ideas were well-received. The grocery delivery portion seems to build on that convenience factor. Given that people are looking not just for easy but efficient services, the concept should resonate with users.

According to a company announcement, Uber is partnered with Grocery Outlet to offer grocery delivery. As Oskar Hjertonsson Head of Grocery at Uber said, “Our goal is to provide a reliable and affordable grocery delivery option that works for everyone, no matter your budget.”

That cost factor is key. As everyone appreciates, shopping costs continue to rise and it impacts household budgets. Even if convenience is king, cost is always a factor.

For Grocery Outlet, the partnership expands their reach. Specifically, RJ Sheedy, President of Grocery Outlet said, “We think it’s important to make our great-value products available across another platform and to a greater audience, introducing Grocery Outlet to customers who may not have shopped with us before.”

To introduce this partnership, “pilot customers will receive a $0 Delivery Fee on their first Grocery Outlet order of $30 or more.” In addition, Uber One members can receive $0 Delivery fees on purchases of $15 or more.

The grocery delivery expansion seems to show that consumers demand more of these services. Whether it is expanded company offerings or quicker delivery, similar to the Instacart and Publix partnership, people want more quicker. The company who can satisfy both the speed and savings will build a loyal following.