Waterloo Passion Fruit will quench your thirst for tangy refreshment

Waterloo Passion Fruit, photo provided by Waterloo
Waterloo Passion Fruit, photo provided by Waterloo /

After bringing a taste of nostalgia with its recent Waterloo sparkling water releases, the new Waterloo Passion Fruit brings a tangy, tropical flavor to the conversation. Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer, the colorful can is waiting in the refrigerator.

Waterloo prides itself on being a different sparkling water. Care and craft go into every flavor choice. From the carbonation level that enhances the taste to the flavors, every component is considered before that can arrives on the shelf.

With the latest flavor offering, Waterloo Passion Fruit is a different twist on the tropical flavor trend. Although pineapple seems to be the flavor of the summer, Passion Fruit is bold, tangy and complex. Even though the colorful can calls from the shelf, it is that sweet with a touch tart that offers ultimate refreshment on a warm day.

Since summer and entertaining go hand in hand, the Passion Fruit sparkling water is a great mixer option. The brand suggests two options, Passion Mango Chili Refresher and Passion Guava Coconut Whip. For a beverage that makes a statement, the Passion Guava Coconut Whip is a must sip.

The frothy coconut milk makes this beverage seem almost like a dessert. While the recipe is a mocktail, it can easily be spiked with a favorite liquor. A rum or even a vodka would make a great option.

Here’s how to make a Passion Guava Coconut Whip featuring Waterloo Passion Fruit.


  • Waterloo Passion Fruit Sparkling Water
  • ½ cup Coconut Milk
  • ¼ tsp Orange Zest
  • 2oz Guava Juice
  • Orange Slice


  • In a blender, whip together the coconut milk with orange zest until smooth and frothy. Fill a glass with ice and pour guava juice and ½ can of Waterloo Passion Fruit into glass. Slowly pour orange coconut mixture on top so it floats. Garnish with an orange slice.

In addition to the new Waterloo Passion Fruit, the sparkling water brand has brought back the summer favorite, Waterloo Summer Berry. For those red, white and blue celebrations, this flavor is a must have.

Just like those summer berry desserts and recipe, the Waterloo Summer Berry is sweet and juicy. Red raspberry forward, the sweet, almost candy like sip, captures that summer fun.

And, since summer, berries and sweetness go hand in hand, remember that the Waterloo sparkling water can be used to make a simple cake. Combine a white cake mix and the summer berry flavor. Then, top the cake with some summer berries for a easy summer dessert.

From the tropical, tanginess of the Waterloo Passion Fruit to the Waterloo Summer Berry, there are plenty of ways to quench that thirst this summer.