MTN DEW Typhoon is back with a new wave of refreshment

New MTN DEW Typhoon, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW Typhoon, photo provided by MTN DEW /

While many people have booked their trip to the MTN DEW Outpost, there is another beverage waiting to quench the Dew Nation’s thirst. A big way of refreshment is coming because MTN DEW Typhoon is back.

Considered the original Tropical Punch Flavor, MTN DEW Typhoon is making its triumphant return. Since the flavor hasn’t been available since 2011, many people are thirsty to satisfy that craving. While everyone will be searching for an elusive can, there is only one place to get your hands on it.

According to the brand, the MTN DEW Typhoon will be available exclusively for DEW HQ members. It will be released in the DEW Store on June 1 at 12 p.m. EST. The 12 oz cans have a limited availability and will probably sell quickly.

When this tropical punch flavor was released, it was part of the “Dew-mocracy” flavor line up. While that offering dates back to 2008, many people think back fondly to the flavor that was last available in 2011. With over a 10 year hiatus from the shelf, many people will want to be part of the special group who gets their hands on those special 16 oz cans.

Looking at this special beverage drop, it is interesting that not only is the limited release available exclusively to DEW HQ members but also it will be available only online. While MTN DEW has done this type of offer before, it is a continuation of exclusive location beverages. From the Circle K Purple Thunder to the MTN DEW Outpost tastings, the location specific drop builds more than excitement. It is about adding an element of ultimate fandom. Being part of a small group makes some people feel like the superfan.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if MTN DEW brings back other flavors from the Dew-mocracy offering in 2008. Could White Out or Distortion make their way back to the beverage aisle?

What is your favorite MTN DEW flavor? Are you going to try to score one of these cans?