Walking Burgers will be the summer barbecue must have

Walking Burgers, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap
Walking Burgers, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

With the charcoal purchased and the grill prepped, everyone is wondering what food will be kissed by the flame. Although there are plenty of classic recipes for that summer barbecue, a new concept will be the hit of the summer. Ready to make some walking burgers?

Sometimes the best food ideas are simple ones. While the backyard barbecue is about gathering with friends for food and fun, there is an element of simplicity to the event. Great tasting recipes do not have to be fussy.

Given that many people will want to have a summer drink in hand, portability is key. Even though a spill or two can happen, people want to enjoy the moment. Having a free hand and not having to balance a plate is key. Ready for walking burgers?

Many people have heard of a walking taco. Basically, it is a taco made in a chip bag. Simply pile all those taco ingredients on top of the chips in the bag and enjoy. Simple, easy, and definitely no additional mess.

Reynolds borrowed the ease of the walking taco and created the walking burger. Using the Reynolds Wrap heavy duty foil, create a packet and stuff it with all the ingredients that make a tasty burger.

Here’s the Walking Burgers instructions from Reynolds Wrap:


  • Place a 12-by-12-inch piece of Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil on your workspace. Fold over the torn edges about 1 inch to create a smooth edge.


  • Fold the foil in half.


  • Triple-fold each open side about 1 inch to seal the sides of the packet.


  • Fill with your choice of protein and your favorite burger fixings and enjoy!

Thinking about the Walking Burgers concept, it is the perfect way to ensure that everyone has the burger that they enjoy. Plus, there is less clean-up for the party host, too.

For example, a burger bar is an easy way to serve everyone. With a plate of burgers, a selection of condiments and a plethora of toppings, everyone can customize that food. From a veggie forward choice to a bun-free option, there are limitless possibilities.

Will you be serving walking burgers this summer? What other food hacks are a staple for your summer entertaining?