SeaWorld Electric Ocean illuminates a colorful, flavorful nighttime experience

Electric Ocean at SeaWorld, photo provided by SeaWorld
Electric Ocean at SeaWorld, photo provided by SeaWorld /

While coaster fans might soar to new heights on Mako or brave the chill on Ice Breaker, SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean has everyone waiting for the sun to fade and the nighttime sky to shine. Under the shades of darkness, a vibrant nighttime experience awaits. It is time to party all night long.

A visit to an Orlando theme park lasts more than just a fleeting amount of time. The memories are fond moments were people look back on with smiles. From the shrieks of delight from the thrills to the laughter from the unplanned experiences, it is the whole day of entertainment that people want.

With SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean, the nighttime experience begins as day turns to night. Although other nocturnal creatures might come alive during the cloak of darkness, theme park guests seem to get an extra boost of energy as the brightly colored characters begin to roam. Just like the water reveals a rainbow of creatures, this nighttime extravaganza has a little bit of everything to appeal to all guests.

Since staying up a little later requires that boost of energy, the SeaWorld Orlando chefs have created a flavorful menu that brings a taste of the tropics to the table. Borrowing from the head chef’s Puerto Rican roots, the dishes are both vibrant in color and flavor.

For example, the XXL Skewers, available in both beef and chicken, have everyone hungry from the first whiff of the aroma from the grill. The gigantic skewer, served on a pita, gets a flavor boost from the toppings, chimichurri for the beef and a pineapple salsa for the chicken. The colors excite the taste buds even before the food hits the stomach.

While these dishes are quite flavorful, they are also approachable. The SeaWorld Orlando chefs appreciate that they need to have a wide appeal with their food choices. Even though there is vibrancy in each dish, it doesn’t venture too far outside of the flavor box.

In addition, the empanadas are a popular choice with guests. Tucked into the crispy pastry are two tasty fillings. From the rich beef and cheese to the satisfying chicken and cheese, the topping of an avocado crema offers a brightness to the rich dish.

Of course, many people love a sweet treat. Luckily, there are three delightful desserts. Although called a beignet, they are more like a doughnut hole. Options include dulce de leche, Nutella and bananas foster. The serving is perfect to share.

Since some adults like to sip on a libation or two during the festivities, SeaWorld Orlando has a plethora of options to quench that thirst. In addition to the free beer promotion that has returned for the summer, the beverage program, particularly at the Beer Garden, has a wide array of local breweries to sample.

For a stronger sip, the Coaster Cocktails are inspired by SeaWorld’s biggest thrills. From Ice Breaker’s watermelon forward sip to the Manta’s Sailor Jerry Rum concoction, the cocktails can either calm the nerves after that ride or offer a taste of courage before the big drop.

While the food and beverages add to the experience, SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean comes to life around the water. As guests join performers for an all-ages dance party or watch in awe as the choregraphed pieces with their brightly colored costumes come to life, the whole experience is about having fun.

The crescendo of the evening is the new Ignite 360 nighttime show. As the music sets the tone, the fireworks and fire display captivate the audience. From the moments of contemplation to the spectacular finale, the day is not complete without enjoying this cumulation to the day.

SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean runs on select nights now through September 5, 2022. For more information on theme park tickets, operating hours and other information, please visit the SeaWorld Orlando website.