Serendipity3 Elvis Sandwich has everyone stuck on the over-the-top flavor

New Elvis inspired sandwich, photo provided by Serendipity3
New Elvis inspired sandwich, photo provided by Serendipity3 /

While the iconic New York restaurant has been known for its Guinness World Record holding menu items and infamous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, there is another reason to pull up a chair. The new Serendipity3 Elvis Sandwich is a hunk of banana bodacious goodness that cannot be missed.

Over the past several months, Serendipity3 has brought even more over the top menu items to its dining experience. Whether it is celebrating dad with a boozy shake or raising the curtain on a Broadway collaboration, there have been no shortage of special menu items.

Ahead of the Elvis coming to theaters, Chef Joe Calderone, Creative Director at Serendipity3, created a special sandwich that would have the King himself swiveling his hips in delight. The Elvis Peanut Butter, Bacon and Banana Sandwich might not have been served at Graceland but it is a taste that is worthy of the music legend.

As Chef Calderone said, “We could not be more excited to come together with Warner Bros. to celebrate the debut of ‘Elvis’ and remember one of the world’s most admired icons with our new sandwich and we look forward to longtime and new fans of Elvis Presley to join us at the restaurant and enjoy his favorite meal alongside our famous desserts.”

Looking at the Elvis Peanut Butter, Bacon and Banana Sandwich, it is a hearty bite. Snuggled in between two sliced of toasted brioche bread is thick pieces of smokehouse bacon, ripe bananas and a heaping amount of creamy peanut butter. Yes, this sandwich will require two hands to eat it and you might want to grab extra napkins so that you don’t spill on those blue suede shoes.

While the Serendipity3 Elvis sandwich is served with French fries, it might be best served with a shake, like Toasty S’mores or that iconic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. It is often better to embrace the splurge than run away from it.

The Elvis Peanut Butter, Bacon and Banana Sandwich has a menu price of $24.95. It is available from June 24 through July 1. Serendipity3 is located at 225 E 60th Street in New York City.