Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza brings big time flavor

Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza, photo provided by BWW
Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza, photo provided by BWW /

Some foods are classic football fare. Chicken wings, beer and pizza often get cheers even when a favorite team is playing less than stellar. With the new Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza, two of the favorite foods are combined into a single bite. Luckily, that cold beer is on tap, too.

Over the past several months, Buffalo Wild Wings has expanded its appetizer menu. The Bird Dawgs added a new take on the boneless wing in a more complete bite. It is definitely a flavorful dish.

With football season approaching, the idea to graze all game long has its appeal. Instead of waiting till halftime to feast, those easy to eat bites deserve a space on the table. With the new Boneless Bar Pizza, it might be the ultimate appetizer.

Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza flavors

The new menu addition, Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza comes in two flavors, Buffalo and Honey BBQ. Basically, the flatbread style pizza is topped with classic boneless wings that guests love. With sauce, cheese, peppers and seasoning, it is an easy bite that brings big, bold flavor.

The Buffalo Boneless Bar Pizza is a take on the classic Buffalo wing flavors. The medium Buffalo sauce is paired with ranch dressing, bleu cheese crumbles and mozzarella cheese. Topped with pickled hot peppers and green onions, each bite goes from spicy to tangy and back again.

The pickled hot peppers are a nice contrast to the slightly spicy medium Buffalo sauce. Even though the sauces temper the spice, the brightness from the peppers leaves you wanting more. While there is a crunch from the thin crust, it is the chicken pieces that satisfy. Overall, it is a hearty bite and great for sharing.

The Honey BBQ Boneless Bar Pizza sounds that it would be on the sweeter side, but it is deceptively spicy. The Honey BBQ sauce is paired with a drizzle of medium sauce, too. With some bacon crumbles, mozzarella cheese, cheddar-jack cheese, and pickled hot peppers, this pizza hits that sweet and savory combination.

This flavor might be the more surprising option of the two. It lends itself to pairing with other foods. From a basket of onion rings to a plate of cheese curds, the approachable flavor has a wide appeal. And, a light lager might be a refreshing beverage pairing as well.

The new Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Bar Pizza is available now at participating restaurants. It is a dine-in menu item.

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What do you think of this new menu item? Will it be part of your football watching food order?