Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawgs are the ultimate happy hour food

BWW Happy Hour Menu includes the new Bird Dawgs, photo provided by BWW
BWW Happy Hour Menu includes the new Bird Dawgs, photo provided by BWW /

America’s favorite sports bar is ready to become the happy hour destination. A new menu item has everyone ready to close the laptop and grab a barstool. Hungry to try the new Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawgs?

Even though many people are looking to keep their food budget in check, the reality is that sometimes dining out just makes the day better. That little break to enjoy a meal with friends can bring a smile to the day.

During the Buffalo Wild Wings happy hour, the specials on food and beverages make it easier to take that afternoon off from 3-6 p.m. weekdays. Whether it is a $3 tall draft of the Wild Herd Kolsh by Goose Island or a $6 Truly Berry Cherry Limeade, there are plenty of options to quench that thirst. Plus, with $3 chips and salsa, it is easy to snack and sip while watching all the sports action on the various screen.

New to the happy hour food offerings is the Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawgs. While this new menu item might not end the hot dog sandwich debate, the chicken tenders offering could make the Dawg Pound or other food fans take notice. Sometimes, a creative name with an easy to eat happy hour food is a winning combination.

The Bird Dawgs transforms the classic chicken tenders into a handheld. Whether guests create their own option or enjoy one of the signature versions, this new menu item has a lot of people talking.

For example, the Loaded Bird Dawg smothers the chicken tenders with beer cheese and wild honey mustard. It sounds as if it is a creation by a Wisconsin cheese lover.

If bold flavors are preferred, the Buffalo Bird Dawg piles napa slaw and ranch on top of the Medium Buffalo sauce. A touch tangy and a bit spicy, this offering could quickly become a favorite with people who do not want to get that Buffalo sauce all over their hands.

Lastly, the Honey Bird Dawg is a hearty bite. Joining the Honey BBQ sauce topped chicken tenders is some fries. For anyone who likes to combine their side dish and their meal in a single bite, this concept is a top choice.

The new Bird Dawgs come after the success of BWW’s collaborations with Doritos and MTN DEW. The PepsiCo partnership has delighted both fans of the restaurant and the popular snack brand. While this latest offering may not have that snack-influence, many people are hungry to see what will come next from the BWW kitchen.

The new Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawgs are part of the happy hour food menu and are prices at $5. They are also part of the regular menu.

Grab a friend, a napkin and get ready to satisfy your appetite. What would be on your Buffalo Wild Wings Bird Dawg?