Food for Thought is more than words this back to school season

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As kids head back to school, the lunchbox is more than just another accessory. Even though the PB&J might be classic and the lunch lady has more to serve than the old school Adam Sandler song, school and food is more intertwined than people may realize. While there might be much learning in the classroom, Orgain and FoodCorps are ready to serve some Food for Thought at the table.

Good nutrition and healthy eating are a popular food conversations. While adults might appreciate that a plate of kale might be a better choice than a bowl of chips, that choice is does not happen overnight. A strong foundation is built one conversation at a time.

While the home table might be filled with choices, the school table looks a little different. Food and nutrition education might not be a specific time period slotted in the schedule, but it is interwoven into every part of the day. A hungry child cannot learn at their best.

To kick off this school year, Orgain has partnered with FoodCorps in Food for Thought. This concept is simple, to provide nourishing food to school aged children, which in turn will help them in their classroom endeavors.

FoodCorps works with food educators to help teach children, and in turn their families, the benefit of good food choices. While the organization hopes that every school child have access to “food education and nourishing food in school” by 2030, that goal cannot be met without help.

Orgain, which was founded in creating balanced food choices and clean nutrition to all, has stepped in to not only provide monetary support but also raise awareness on the issue. Sometimes it is good to shake up the conversation around the table.

As Dr. Andrew Abraham, founder and CEO of Orgain mentioned, this partnership fits because both organizations have a mission to make good nutrition accessible. Specifically, Abraham said, “FoodCorps is the perfect partner to help us bring nourishing food directly to children this back-to-school season, as well as provide invaluable food education that will benefit them for years to come.”

While food education can start in the classroom, it extends beyond the desk. The hope is that children can influence the family to choose dishes wisely. Balance in all things can make the plate even more full of flavors.

Speaking to this partnership, Robert S. Harvey, president of FoodCorps said, “We believe that proper nourishment for children allows for greater vibrancy in all aspects of life, and with Orgain’s support, we know we can benefit the futures of thousands of children.”

Whether it is teaching kids how to grow foods, master a simple recipe, or just how food impacts how they feel, the reality is that kids are hungry to learn. The funds and support need to be in place to help them have the access to those tools.

The Food for Thought partnership between Orgain and FoodCorp can be supported by anyone. Any Instacart order through the month of September will benefit the program. For each checkout, “Orgain will make a donation to support FoodCorps’ mission, up to $250,000.”

From that morning protein shake to grabbing a bar as a quick snack, Orgain has a wide variety of options to enjoy. Having tasty, easy options within reach can make the better food choice a no-brainer.

How can you add to the Food for Thought conversation? How do you make healthy eating more inviting?