New Frito-Lay snacks bring big, bold flavors to the bag

New Frito-Lay fall offerings, photo provided by Frito-Lay
New Frito-Lay fall offerings, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

While many people have a favorite snack, new flavors can bring excitement to the bowl. With these new Frito-Lay snacks for fall, there are plenty of reasons to open another bag. Hungry for something new?

Food trends can go down different avenues. From bold global influences to cross over flavors, the food options are far from boring. Even though there is much innovation, there needs to be a tie to something familiar.

Recently, Frito-Lay shared several new snack offerings coming to stores this month. From a sweeter option to a tangy spicy choice, the question becomes which bag will people open first.

The new snack that is getting the most attention is the Cheetos Bolitas. While this snack has been available in other countries, it is now making its debut in U.S. stores.

The round shape makes for fun eating. Grabbing one or a handful is equally enjoyable. More importantly, the bold flavor is a tasty alternative to the Flamin’ hot varieties. The chili brings the heat, but it is more of a tangy heat that overpowering.

Another new snack choice is the SunChips Black Bean. These chips are made with whole grains and real black beans. The addition of black beans adds another layer of flavor to the chip.

Available in two flavors, Spicy Jalapeño and Southwestern Queso, these chips are great for dipping. The flavors would be delightful with a guacamole or salsa. It is a nice alternative to a tortilla chip.

New Frito-Lay snacks Popcorners Cinnamon Crunch
New Frito-Lay fall offerings, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

For a sweeter option, the PopCorners Cinnamon Crunch satisfy that sweet craving without being overindulgent. The never fried snack has brown sugar and cinnamon. From being an alternative to a cookie to added texture to a creamy dessert, there are many ways to enjoy this new Frito-Lay snack.

Lastly, a fan favorite is making a return to store shelves. Fritos BBQ is back just in time for tailgating season. Even if the temperatures are a little too chilly for that backyard barbecue, the bold BBQ flavor is in the Fritos bag.

These new Frito-Lay snacks and many other fan favorites are waiting to be enjoyed. Which bag will you open first?