Snyderfest Pretzelhosen is the tastiest way to prost Oktoberfest

Snyderfest Pretzelhosen, photo provided by Synder's of Hanover
Snyderfest Pretzelhosen, photo provided by Synder's of Hanover /

While the gathering in Munich might be back on the calendar, the annual Oktobefest celebrations are not just limited to one European country. Whether people can drink a boot, raise a stein or just appreciate a celebration of food and drink, the annual fall event is a reason to gather friends and enjoy each other’s company. But, any gathering needs a winning food and beverage combination as well as a stylish food fashion choice. Luckily, the Snyderfest Pretzelhosen delivers both.

Over the year’s Snyder’s of Hanover has rolled out the dough during the Oktoberfest season. From special pretzel kegs to pretzel infused beer, SnyderBier, the reality is that the food and beverage combination captures the annual event.

Although beer fest fans appreciate that a stylish and tasty pretzel necklace makes a statement at these events, the reality is that an impressive food fashion look takes some careful planning. From the shirt that gets people to do a double take to standing out in a crowd, there is a time and a place to avoid blending into the sea of sameness.

This year, Snyder’s of Hanover is offering the ultimate look for any Oktoberfest event, the Snyderfest Pretzelhosen. The custom-made, authentic leather lederhosen have a both a tap and a keg. Basically, the wearer brings the party to the masses. When that “beer boot” requires two hands, these “Prost with Pretzels” is the life of the party. Just make sure that you did leg day to look good in that lederhosen.

While this special food fashion is not available in stores, five lucky people will have their chance to win a pair. Just think of the reaction from others when you stroll in with this particular look. Sure, they just might want a handful of those Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces, but the food fashion is a conversation starter.

Hungry for some Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces with that Snyderfest Pretzelhosen?

Although the Synderfest Pretzelhosen is only for a lucky few, everyone can enjoy some Snyderfest Beer Cheese Pretzel Pieces. With this particular snack, no one has to worry about dripping beer cheese on that stylish outfit. The classic beer cheese flavor is incorporated into the pretzel.

With a beer cheese flavor coating, it adds a richness to the classic pretzel. The combination of a crunchy bite and an inherent hoppy quality, the pretzel pieces are almost addicting. Whether served with an Oktoberfest beer or your favorite lager, it is a food and beverage pairing that will have everyone cheering.

As the brand’s first Oktoberfest limited edition product, it might have people buying a few extra bags for the rest of the year. The love of pretzel and beer cheese is not limited to just the fall. Some football fans would happily serve this flavor at any tailgate.

The new limited edition Snyderfest pretzels are in stores now. Check with the brand for retailers. A 10 oz bag has a suggested retail price of $4.79.

Whether Oktoberfest makes you hoppy or you can correctly pronounce “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit,” do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the season. Luckily Snyder’s of Hanover has you covered.