Carvel celebrates favorite Halloween candy with new seasonal treats

New Carvel candy focused treats, photo provided by Carvel
New Carvel candy focused treats, photo provided by Carvel /

While kids might carefully plan the best possible route to ensure a bag full of Halloween candy, there is another option to indulge in those favorite Reese’s and KIT KAT treats. Carvel is mixing up some new candy-centric options that will have everyone screaming for more of that iconic soft serve.

Over the past couple of years, Carvel has brought new Halloween themed treats to the ice cream shop. While a few themed options had people running amuck, the reality is that the spooky season is a time to indulge a little more. Instead of putting that candy bowl out of temptation distance, many people are more than willing to open a package (or two) and enjoy.

This year, Carvel is blending two iconic, favorite Halloween candies into its Dashers, shakes and more. While some people might still be dreaming of those churro flavors from a past season, these candy-centric offerings could make any adult feel like a kid again.

As Jessica Osborne, Vice President of Marketing, Carvel said, “There’s no better way to level up your favorite Halloween candy than by adding Carvel. Whether it’s scary movie marathons, pumpkin patches or trick-or-treating, fall is full of moments to CARVELebrate. Our Reese’s and KIT KAT lineup will have all your seasonal cravings covered, especially for fans of both iconic candies.”

New Carvel Halloween candy inspired treats
New Carvel Halloween candy inspired treats, photo provided by Carvel /

What new Halloween candy treats is Carvel celebrating this season?

According to Carvel, the new seasonal offerings feature Reese’s and KIT KAT. Whether enjoyed separately or combined together, two of the most popular Halloween candies mixed with that always delicious Carvel ice cream is too good to miss.

For example, the Sundae Dasher with Reese’s and KIT KAT Duo might be a candy lover’s dream come true. From the slight saltiness of the Reese’s to the crunch from the KIT KAT, each bite is more satisfying than the first one. In addition, the fudge adds that bittersweet note to balance all the other flavors. It definitely casts a spell on the spooky season.

The Reese’s and KIT KAT candies are featured in the Sundae Dasher, Shake, Soft Serve, Scooped Ice Cream and Flying Saucers. Check with local retailers for availability, pricing and other specifics.

This new offering is part of Carvel’s “Make it a CARVELebration” campaign. While there are special occasions that deserve a momentous cheer, every day there is a reason to celebration. Whether it is finding that perfect Halloween costume, getting a good grade on a big test or just making it through another week, there is always a reason to grab the spoon and enjoy.