Waterloo two new beverages capture the crisp fall flavors

Waterloo fall flavors, Spiced Apple and Cranberry, photo provided by Waterloo
Waterloo fall flavors, Spiced Apple and Cranberry, photo provided by Waterloo /

While the Oktoberfest beers have some people saying Prost and the robust reds are being poured into the glass, those fall beverages are not the only options to sip. Even though the pumpkin spice season might have started with everyone sitting by the pool, the colors are changing, and it is time to shake up some crisp fall flavors. The Waterloo new beverages toast to a refreshing fall experience.

With a crowded sparkling water shelf, it is hard for beverage brands to stand out. Waterloo has longed to offer that “full-flavor wow.” From just the right amount of carbonation to the fruit-inspired flavors, the brand always followed its own path. Whether it is the entrepreneurial mindset or channeling its Austin locale, the brand looks to stand out in a crowd.

The Waterloo new beverages are classic fall flavors, Spiced Apple and the return of Cranberry. Whether enjoyed on their own or mixed into a mocktail, it is time to toast fall.

Adam Price, SVP of Operations and Flavor Development Lead at Waterloo shared some insight on the fall flavors. Price said, “When developing our newest flavor, Spiced Apple, we took inspiration from flashbacks of our favorite fall experiences – tailgating, campfires with friends, and enjoying homemade apple cider with the family on a breezy fall evening. We wanted this flavor to ignite the best memories of the season for our fans.”

After much testing and consideration, the beverage brand captures the taste of fall in a crisp way. For the Spiced Apple, the flavor has “the perfect balance of warm baked and fresh crisp apple flavors with cinnamon and spice notes, landing on an apple pie filling finish with hints of vanilla sweetness.” While that might sound dessert like, it is not overly sweet.

Thinking about this offering, it would be lovely served with a cinnamon sugar rim and a slice of granny smith apple. While the beverage it perfect on its own, it could be a delightful flavor booster to a simple cake, syrup or even mocktail. For people who feel that apple cider is a little too heavy, this sparkling water is a perfect alternative.

The Cranberry Waterloo is a vibrant, complex offering. While the tart notes first hit the palate, it is the juiciness that brings people back for another sip. It ushers in the cool temperatures and feels comforting at the same time.

To celebrate the Waterloo new beverages, the brand recommends a special mocktail that combines both flavors in a glass. The Spiced Cran-Apple Punch might be the quintessential sip for all those fall gatherings.

Spiced Cran-Apple Punch


  • Waterloo Spiced Apple Sparkling Water
  • 2 oz Waterloo Cranberry
  • 1 tbsp Orange Juice
  • ½ tsp Honey
  • Orange Slice
  • Cranberries


  • Combine orange juice and honey in a glass. Mix well. If using, pour in spirits. Add ice. Top with Waterloo Spiced Apple and Waterloo Cranberry. Stir and garnish with orange slice and cranberries.

The addition of honey adds just the right amount of sweetness. But, it is important to ensure that the honey is well-incorporated into the orange juice.

Overall, the mocktail is bright, refreshing and a vibrant tasting and looking option. And, if an adult beverage is preferred, simply add a shot of spiced rum.

Ready to shake up the fall beverage options. Waterloo has a can chilled in the refrigerator waiting.