AriZona Super LXRTM Hero Hydration builds heroes one sip at a time

AriZona SUPER LXRTM HERO HYDRATION, photo provided by Arizona
AriZona SUPER LXRTM HERO HYDRATION, photo provided by Arizona /

Standing tall on the simple sentiment, heroes are built not born, AriZona Super LXRTUM Hero Hydration brings together AriZona Beverages and Marvel for the first time. This functional beverage line launches with four exciting flavors which will have people running to discover that first sip. It is time to fuel that every day hero within all of us.

Many people have turned to AriZona beverages not just for the flavors but for the affordability. Those big cans can quench any thirst without breaking the bank.

But, that one aspect isn’t the only driving force behind the popular beverage company. From crisp, refreshing flavors to creative combinations, America’s number one tea company is never afraid to innovative the drink in the bottle.

The latest beverage offering, AriZona Super LXRTM Hero Hydration, brings together two industry titans. While Marvel characters might jump off the page and save the world, AriZona appreciates the that the real world might require a little support for all that effort.

The new beverage looks to “disrupt the sports drinks category with a functional hydration beverage.” While that terminology might appeal to some, blending quality ingredients, lab research and great flavors into a bottle will get people to take that first gulp and hopefully make they thirsty for more.

According to Don Vultaggio, Founder and Chairman of AriZona Beverages. “When I started selling AriZona Iced Tea 30 years ago, my goal was to provide great-tasting and high-quality drinks all over the country. We’ve done that, but we’re always looking to create new beverages to satisfy our consumers.

For Paul Gitter, SVP, Marvel Consumer Products, the partnership is about the fans’ connection to the Marvel lifestyle, Gitter said, “we’re excited to introduce an innovative, new product in the beverage category with AriZona, a brand that has a strong reputation with consumers, and significant experience creating popular and affordable drinks that everyone can enjoy.”

What can people expect from AriZona Super LXRTM Hero Hydration?

At launch, the AriZona Super LXRTM Hero Hydration will feature four flavors, Dragon Fruit Watermelon, Citrus Lemon Lime, Peach Mango and Açaí Blueberry. Looking at these options, the flavors are different from other functional beverages. While the Citrus Lemon Lime is classic, the combination of Dragon Fruit Watermelon is exciting. The blend of sweet and tart seems to sound like a characteristic of many Marvel superheroes.

While some people might pick the beverage based on flavor, each one is linked to a Marvel Super Hero. It will be interesting to see how superfans debate flavor/hero connection.

Although the Marvel connection is clear, the functionality of the beverage seems to fill a hole in the category. Each 16 oz bottle contains 25 calories and 2 g of sugar. In addition, the functional beverage features vitamins, minerals and other items that help to “enhance recovery and focus.”

While the first four flavors are part of the launch, AriZona alludes that more options will be coming to the Super LXRTM flavorverse. Given the plethora of Marvel characters, it seems that the shelf could be filled with options.

This type of beverage and pop culture connection has been happening more frequently. From the ZOA Energy Black Adam announcement to even the Coca-Cola Marshmello offering, the connection between fans and food continues to grow.

For now, it is time to quench that thirst and hydrate the hero within. AriZona Super LXRTM Hero Hydration is waiting.