Baileys and Lavazza shake up the frozen classic cold brew

Baileys and Lavazza coffee cocktail ideas, photo provided by Baileys
Baileys and Lavazza coffee cocktail ideas, photo provided by Baileys /

While the temperatures might be dropping and a warm, comforting beverage might feel good in people’s hands, but a frozen classic cold brew is equally as inviting. Luckily, Baileys and Lavazza have collaborated to make that sip so satisfying.

Many people have a strong opinions on coffee. From the roast’s strength to coffee bean origin, any old coffee may not be welcome in the cup. Add on top of that conversation, the debate over brewing methods, the black coffee might not be quite as simple as it seems.

Over the years, cold brew has become a popular choice for many coffee drinkers. The promise of impeccably smooth, less bitter, concentrated coffee flavor has its appeal. Instead of covering the coffee with cream and sugar, cold brew is about the coffee itself.

The downside to this style of coffee is the time and preparation. While cold might be the temperature served, it is also how the coffee comes to be. Instead of forcing the hot water to extract the beans quickly, the slow, methodical process is what gives the cold brew coffee its unique characteristics.

Unfortunately, when that cold brew coffee craving hits, there needs to be a brew waiting to be enjoyed. Luckily, Lavazza, with its 127 years of coffee experience, has a canned cold brew option available. The iconic coffee brand’s expertise can be tasted in every sip. Open a can and enjoy. The hard work was done by Lavazza, and the coffee drinker just has to enjoy the result.

Recently, Lavazza and Baileys joined forces to celebrate new cold brew coffee recipes that show why Baileys and coffee are always a delicious combination. Pairing the Lavazza RTD Cold Brew coffee cans and Baileys is a simple choice but one that brings a robust flavor.

These particular recipes use Baileys Deliciously Light. Not only does that liqueur allow the coffee flavor to be front and center, it makes it more acceptable to have that iced coffee anytime or anywhere.

As Stacey Cunningham, Director of Baileys & Liqueurs, Diageo North America said, “Iced coffee always comes down to personal preference, so we’re excited to partner with Lavazza to offer new and unique recipes for every type of coffee drinker perfect for various occasions including daytime celebrations, brunch and many more.”

While the various recipes help anyone channel their own barista, one beverage is so simple that it might become that go-to dessert. More importantly, it impresses without all that effort.

frozen cold brew from Lavazza and Baileys
Lavazza and Baileys collab on a frozen cold brew photo provided by Baileys /

Here’s how to make a frozen classic cold brew.


  • 3 oz Baileys Deliciously Light
  • 3 oz Lavazza Classic Cold Brew


  • Fill and 8 oz clear glass with measured amount of Baileys Deliciously Light and freeze overnight
  • Once frozen, top with measured amount of room temperature Lavazza Cold Brew and let infuse
  • Enjoy as a sipping frozen espresso drink

This concept could replace that affogato. It offers a similar flavor without the ice cream. Or, it can easily be a substitute for that sugary blended coffee. While it does take a little planning to have the Baileys frozen, it might be an idea to have at the ready for any weekend.

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What do you think of this idea of a frozen classic cold brew from Baileys and Lavazza? Could it replace your other coffee cocktails?