Jelly Belly Butterbeer candy captures the magical beverage sweetness

Jelly Belly Butterbeer Harry Potter candies, photo provided by Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Butterbeer Harry Potter candies, photo provided by Jelly Belly /

While Jelly Belly has over 100 flavors of jelly beans, the popular candy company has unveiled some new magical treats that both muggles and wizards will want to enjoy. Jelly Belly Butterbeer candy brings a taste of the Wizarding World to any location.

Over the years, Jelly Belly has offered a variety of Wizarding World treats. From chocolate wands to jelly animals, many of the iconic props and images of the Harry Potter world were created in sugar form. Without the need of a magic spell, these treats gave fans a taste of the world that they had seen in their imagination.

Although many Harry Potter fans have sipped cold, iced, and even hot Butterbeer at Universal theme parks, walking through the turnstiles might not be too convenient for everyone. When that craving for a sweet butterscotch like treat hits, only locals can satisfy that thirst.

With the new Jelly Belly Butterbeer candy, everyone can get a magical treat whenever they please. As Rob Swaigen, Vice President of Global Marketing at Jelly Belly Candy Company said, “We’re thrilled to celebrate the magic of the holiday season with these new additions to our Harry Potter collection. At Jelly Belly, we pride ourselves on true-to-life flavor in every candy we create, so we’re excited to offer Wizarding World fans the taste of Butterbeer in a candy form for the first time ever.”

The new Jelly Belly Butterbeer candy features two new offerings, Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy and Harry Potter Butterbeer Milk Chocolate Bar. In addition, the Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy can be purchased in a Barrel Tin or a Glass Mug.

The Butterbeer Chewy Candy has the appearance of the classic beverage. While shrunk and candified, the first bite brings that butterscotch like sweetness. Whether eaten one by one or by the handful, it captures that whimsical feeling.

Thinking about this candy, it could be used in a variety of desserts. From a simple topping for a cupcake to folded into a milkshake, many people might want to experiment with various applications. The flavor might cast a spell on many dessert ideas.

The Harry Potter Butterbeer Milk Chocolate Bar might be the real treasure of the launch. Although not locked away in Gringotts, the creamy Butterbeer filling surrounded by the luscious chocolate is a new way to enjoy the flavor. In some ways, this candy might spark a new conversation about the iconic Wizarding World food. Maybe a little chocolate drizzle on that frozen Butterbeer might be a new treat.

The new Jelly Belly Butterbeer candy is available now. Check with the retailer’s online store for availability and pricing.