Mars transforms Halloween candy traditions with Trick or Trash bags

MARS Halloween recycle bags for Trick or Trash, photo provided by MARS
MARS Halloween recycle bags for Trick or Trash, photo provided by MARS /

As the cauldron bubbles, the anticipation for the spooky fun begins. After picking out the perfect costume, the plan is made to trick and trick as soon as the darkness comes. But, there can be a scary element beyond getting pencils instead of candy. Candy wrappers can make a lot of trash. Mars is taking that scary out of the celebration with Trick or Trash bags.

According to Mars, “more than 75% of people are planning to celebrate Halloween this year.” That number is an increase of 11%. In addition, 93% of people will be giving out chocolate and candy. Whether Halloween is the sweetest holiday or just a time to indulge in another treat, October 31 is on the calendar for a time to unwrap a treat.

While everyone is excited to collect all those candies, there is a dirty secret, the wrappers. This year, Mars is taking on the challenge and making Trick or Trash a way to better the planet.

According to Tim LeBel, Chief Halloween Officer and President of Sales at Mars Wrigley. “Mars, and our iconic line-up of brands, put the consumer at the heart of all we do, especially during our biggest moments like Halloween. Over the past few years, Mars has made sure consumers can celebrate their most loved Halloween traditions, like trick-or-treating, with innovations such as ‘Treat Town’ in 2020 and Shipt candy formula in 2021. This year, our Halloween leadership highlights Mars’ commitment to a healthy planet by providing a simple way to minimize packaging waste with the Mars and Rubicon Trick or Trash bags.”

While kids (and parents) might happily dig into those candies, the wrappers do not magically disappear like the spooky music on November 1. Rubicon states that the majority of candy wrappers head to a landfill each year. Through the Trick or Trash campaign, the hope is to eliminate some Halloween candy wrapper waste.

Given its wide reach, Mars is tackling this candy wrapper waste issue. Throughout October, the iconic candy brand will be offering special trick or treat bags with a prepaid postage stamp and instructions. The hope is that consumers will take initiative and transform that trash.

Thinking about this concept, it is one that many families can appreciate. There have been various campaigns where beverage containers or other food wrappers can be recycled for a better planet. Given the copious amounts of candy enjoyed around Halloween, the simple concept to do better is seems to feed into the more conscious consumer’s mindset.

While many people pick Halloween candy based on favorite flavors, some people might be swayed by this Trick or Trash program. The idea of doing better for the planet while still celebrating the sweet and spooky holiday can make a difference. Mars is choosing to put this conversation front and center and it could make them an even more popular choice this Halloween season.

The specially marked Mars Halloween candy bags will available online as well as select retailers. More information on the Rubicon recycling efforts can be found online.