Baking It Season 2 kicks off the holiday season with a bang

Baking It Season 2 set to return to Peacock, photo provided by Peacock
Baking It Season 2 set to return to Peacock, photo provided by Peacock /

After a hugely popular first season, Baking It Season 2 returns to Peacock. While Maya Rudolph is back, she is joined by the always witty Amy Poehler. Given Poehler’s success on Making It, she will be a welcome addition to the culinary competition. How will the new co-hosts guide these new bakers and keep the Grandmothers in check? Everyone will have to watch the upcoming episodes to find out.

While there are many holiday food television programs on the schedule, Baking It Season 2 should capture the spirit of the season. Who doesn’t love the holiday table where some family members give that backhanded compliment or remind everyone of the good old days? As seen in Season 1, the Grandmothers give a little tough love with their feedback, but it is all meant with the best intentions.

Although Andy Samberg might have left the kitchen for a new beach buddy, the combination of Rudolph and Poehler is the best holiday gift. From Wine Country to SNL, the pair know how to play off their strengths. This Peacock show might be the holiday respite that everyone is craving.

As Rudolph and Poehler said, “This Season’s coziest cooking competition is BAKING IT: SEASON TWO! This season has everything: The Grannies, crafty bakes, goofy songs about butter, cash prizes, BFFs, Family, and did we mention butter? And, to make it even more exciting we’ll be hosting this season together!”

Of course, Baking It Season 2 is a culinary competition. The new bakers will have to tackle a variety of challenges. From smash cakes to a few destructive moments, these challenges could make some home bakers feel more festive about their own holiday baking endeavors.

With a total of five new episodes, everyone will have a sweet gift to unwrap this season. Be sure to check out the premiere episode on Monday, December 12. Airing at 10 p.m. ET, the special holiday episode is a cele-bake featuring the hosts’ famous friends. Luckily, the “friendly competition” is all for charity. The series airs exclusively on Peacock.

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