Coors Light celebrates those fans who chill harder

Coors Light Chill Hard promotion, photo provided by Coors Light
Coors Light Chill Hard promotion, photo provided by Coors Light /

Whether it is the holidays approaching or the stress due to everything feeling more expensive, it seems that the moments to sit, relax, and chill is off the agenda. Long gone are those leisurely days to unwind and recharge. With Coors Light Chill Harder, the popular beer brand encourages its fans to give a view into their chill and reap big rewards.

Over the years, there have been all types of beer promotions. From celebrity endorsements to creative tie-ins, adding a little extra fun to opening that chilled can of refreshment makes it more enjoyable. Just like an unexpected thank you note, sometimes that gesture can make a difference.

With the new Coors Light Chill Harder campaign, the Silver Bullet is looking to celebrate its fans who are willing to put in the work. Sometimes the best endorsement comes from the people who go back to the fridge time and again.

As Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing for the Coors Family of Brands said, “We know times are tough for everyone, we want to put our money into the hands of real Coors Light fans. Chill Harder is all about working for your chill, and we want to reward our fans who put in the work. The Chill Harder Champ will get a big payout and become a hometown hero with their work displayed on a billboard in their community.”

How can Coors Light fans Chill Harder?

The Chill Harder campaign is simple. While the kids might want an elaborate design on that pumpkin, beer drinkers might have a reason to take over the carving. Those carving skills could reap big rewards.

Basically, up to 5,000 drinkers who showcase the Chill Harder logo could get paid for their advertising. The painting, mosaic, or however that creativity moves a person can reap some rewards. Be sure to upload that photographic evidence on socials with #ChillHarder and #contest.

Potential prizes include:

  • For small entries (6–30 inches) 5,000 people could earn $10.
  • For medium entries (50–90 inches), 100 fans could get $500.
  • To qualify for the title, billboard and $50,000, show your serious skills by crafting a logo that spans 100 inches to 20 feet. Visit, to learn more.

Hopefully, this contest brings a little chill or at least viewing all the fun submission can be a great diversion. Why not crack open a cold one can take a moment. Sometimes the best advice is to focus on what can be controlled and that is drinking a cold Coors Light.