Chucky will come to play at Halloween Horror Nights 32

CHUCKY -- "Cape Queer" Episode 106 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY/USA Network)
CHUCKY -- "Cape Queer" Episode 106 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY/USA Network) /

As the fog slowly fades around Halloween Horror Nights 31, everyone’s favorite Good Time Doll made a big announcement for Halloween Horror Nights 32. Chucky will be a featured experience for the 2023 Halloween event. Will you be prepared to play with him?

Every year, the creative minds behind Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights look to top the previous year’s event. From iconic horror characters to original content, the mix of frights brings people back time and again.

Even if the story is familiar, the twist and turns can cause many people to scream till they cannot speak. While guests have learned to never go alone, the reality is that guests should never go just once. The annual event must be experienced multiple times during the spooky season.

Although few details were shared regarding the Chucky Halloween Horror Nights 32 collaboration, many people will begin to speculate on the storyline. Whether there will be characters from the movies or the USA SYFY show remains to be seen. But, if previous Halloween Horror Nights events provide a clue, it seems likely that some popular scenes and characters could be featured.

At previous Halloween Horror Nights events, Chucky has been featured. One year, Chucky was part of a scare zone. This year’s event had a photo op with the classic box as well as several food options. Many people gave the Chucky themed burger high praise.

It will be interesting to see if Universal can work with Elysian Brewing and bring its Killer Wit Beer to the event. That Chucky themed beer was a huge hit this fall. From the vibrant color to that cranberry infused flavor, it flew off the shelf. Just think of the photo ops and tie-ins that could happen with this pairing. The Pumpkin Lord might even approve of the other Great Pumpkin Fest.

With the spooky season coming to an end, there is something to look forward to in 2023. Halloween Horror Nights 32 will bring Chucky to Universal. Remember, you just can’t keep a good guy down.

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