New Budweiser holiday designs capture the nostalgia of the holiday season

Budweiser holiday designs, photo by Budweiser
Budweiser holiday designs, photo by Budweiser /

While last year’s holiday cans might have gone to the dogs, the new Budweiser holiday designs celebrate nostalgic holiday memories. From that classic beer enjoyed after winter fun to a simple sip while snuggling by the fire, Budweiser and the holiday season are always a perfect pair.

As the countdown to holiday parties begin, many people are starting to stock the fridge with favorite beverages. Although Bud Light might be the beer of choice on football Sunday, the classic Budweiser might be the beer that everyone can get behind. Whether it is dad who only chooses that classic lager or the old college friend who wants to relive those younger moments, having a cold Bud close by is always a good choice.

For 2022, the new Budweiser holiday designs go back to one of the most beloved images associated with the brand, the Budweiser Clydesdales. While those majestic horses might often appear during the Big Game commercials, they offer a sense of familiar whenever they appear. Even if people have never seen them in person, there is something welcoming, comforting, or just happy about seeing that image.

Combining traditional seasonal colors with the Budweiser Clydesdales, the cans feel warm, welcoming. It makes people want to grab it from the shelf, fridge, or cooler. Building on that feeling the classic vintage bowtie imagery brings that nostalgic vibe, not old, but familiar. Just like the holiday season has people looking back in a fond way, these cans invite conversations about favorite memories and happy moments.

2022 Budweiser holiday designs
2022 Budweiser holiday designs, photo provided Budweiser /

How are the new Budweiser holiday designs encouraging people to toast to the holidays?

During the holiday season many people find the time to gather with friends and family. Beyond the traditional holiday meal, there are opportunities to take a moment, find the time, and enjoy stepping away from the grind.

This year, Budweiser wants to help those people who help make those moments happen. While many people enjoy that PTO, others put in the hours. From the chef who cooks that restaurant holiday meal to the Uber driver who gets people home, all those people help make the holidays a little brighter.

Starting on November 15, Budweiser’s social media posts will give people the opportunity to receive $100 gift cards who that they can enjoy a make-up meal with family or enjoy a cold beer with friends. Just because the traditional celebratory moment might be postponed doesn’t mean that the importance of making the time should be overlooked.

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How will you toast the holiday season this year? Will the new Budweiser holiday designs be part of that celebration?