Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade heats up the holiday meal

Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade brings the flavor to favorite foods, photo provided by Frank's RedHot
Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade brings the flavor to favorite foods, photo provided by Frank's RedHot /

While many people put that iconic hot sauce on everything, a bottle of Frank’s RedHot might not be front and center on the holiday table. With the new Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade, that bland, boring or otherwise less flavorful meal will be banished from the plate. This flavor booster might even get grandma to break her no swearing rule at dinner.

For some home cooks, poultry can be a difficult protein to master. Although the word “moist” might not be a favorite adjective, the reality is that no one wants a dry bird. Debating cooking techniques, like brining, can have some people ready to dive into that salt filled bucket. But, another option can ease the tension in the kitchen.

Using a marinade injector can be the poultry booster than make the difference between a bland bird and a flavorful one. Basically, the marinade is introduced directly into the uncooked poultry. The added seasoned liquid helps to keep the meat from drying out during cooking. It might not be a fail’s safe, but it can be the helper to avoid that Clark Griswold turkey implode moment.

While a marinade injector can be an easy cooking technique, the “liquid” used needs to be picked with care. If the idea is to flavor the bird, the marinade cannot be some lackluster option.

Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade with poultry
Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade used with turkey photo provided by Frank’s RedHot /

This year, the Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade is bringing that classic, bold flavor to the kitchen. Using the iconic flavors that have come to make the original cayenne sauce infamous, the marinade ensures that boring is not part of the menu.

Although Frank’s RedHot does bring the heat, the marinade option adds a more balanced choice than just pouring a bottle over a bird. By injecting the flavors into the cooking process, the heat is more approachable. It is never far from mind, but it does not blow out the tastebuds.

While many people will use this special offering to save Thanksgiving dinner, the reality is that poultry isn’t the only use. It can help boost that pork butt or some simple pork chops. Basically, it can be used in any situation with a marinade injector.

The Franks’s Red Hot Marinade Injector is available now. It be ordered online or it can be found at select retailers.