Get briny: Tasty ways to celebrate National Pickle Day

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

From spears to chips to the big dill, many people cannot get enough of the briny taste of pickles. Since National Pickle Day is celebrated on November 14, it is the perfect time to enjoy another taste. From favorite food brands to adding some pickle-inspired items to the home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these tasty treats.

Over the years, the pickle has surged in popularity. While some people might have scoffed at pickle slushies or even have questioned the addition of pickles to some menu items, the reality is pickles have been around for hundreds of years. According to Smithsonian, pickles can be dated back to ancient Egypt and Christopher Columbus introduced the food to the U.S.

While the simple pickle has evolved over from those first offerings, the reality is that people enjoy that particular taste. Basically, the concept is a method of preserving food in a solution. The methods vary, whether slow and fast. The choice of produce, ingredients, and more will all impact the eventual flavor.

Although making a pickle is not necessarily difficult, many people prefer to buy them. Given the variety on the shelf, there are plenty of options. When choosing one brand over another, it comes down to personal preference.

And, pickles are not limited to just the jar. Many food brands have added pickle flavors to their line ups. Brands like Kettle Brand Dill Pickle Krinkle Cut chips have become a popular choice. Basically, there are plenty of ways to enjoy that briny good flavor.

How are brands celebrating National Pickle Day?

Jimmy John’s knows that its guests love those jumbo Kosher Dill Jimmy pickles. All Freaky Fast rewards members can receive a free pickle on National Pickle Day.

In addition, the Jimmy John’s Store will launch Pickle Day merchandise. Whether people want to add a pickle ornament to the Christmas tree to bucket hats, there are plenty of ways to bring the brine home.

Zaxby’s will offer free Fried Pickles on November 14. This offering will be available via app orders. Earlier this year, Zaxby’s made its fried pickles a permanent menu item.

Vlasic already announced its special pickle offering. The limited edition pickle candle goes on sale today. It might be the must have for the pickle lover in the family.

Grillo’s Pickles went all in for National Pickle Day. This year, it collaborated with many other brands to bring all that briny goodness front and center. As Eddie Andre, Senior Brand Manager at Grillo’s Pickles said, “We’re excited about all the unexpected ways Grillo’s can exist and honoring our Boston roots where the brand started. These partnerships mark a new chapter for Grillo’s Pickles and are just a taste to what we have up coming into the new year.”

This year, Grillo’s Pickles offered a limited-edition branded Polaroid camera on Retrospekt, a special sterling silver pickle charm and necklace on Good Art Jewelry, a pickle ice cream with J.P. Licks, and a pickle beer with Lord Hobo Brewery.

Lastly, Claussen is extending the pickle love beyond National Pickle Day with its partnership with the new show, Pickled, the celebrity pickleball tournament set to air on November 17 on CBS. The he Claussen Crunch Time-Halftime Show will recap all the action and give an update on The State of the Pickle.

These National Pickle Day offerings are just a few of the many options to celebrate the national food holiday. For anyone who loves pickles, there plenty of ways to enjoy that favorite food.

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