Thirsty to serve drinkable green bean casserole this Thanksgiving?

When the casserole is done, serve warm and enjoy with friends or family.Green Bean Casserole Done 2
When the casserole is done, serve warm and enjoy with friends or family.Green Bean Casserole Done 2 /

Thanksgiving sides are often a hot topic going into the holiday celebration. While some people have strong opinions on cranberries or marshmallows on sweet potatoes, the green bean casserole is often a family favorite. From celebrities touting their favorite recipe to the classic dish with its French Fried Onions, the reality is that many people believe that the meal is not complete without this one dish. But what about a drinkable green bean casserole?

Aura Bora is a sparkling water company. While there are many beverage brands on the shelf, this company looks to focus on herbs, fruit and flowers to flavor their special offerings. And, many of the flavors are unexpected, different, and sometimes controversial.

This year, as part of the Aura Bora Secret menu, it is offering a drinkable green bean casserole. Yes, it is a sparkling water that is flavored with sage and other savory notes that make it feel like drinking the flavors of green bean casserole.

Whether or not this drinkable green bean casserole is better than grandma’s or represents a new drinkable Thanksgiving side dish trend remains to be seen. Still, it has people thirsty to get that unique sip.

For anyone who wants to try one of these beverages, it is available online via the brand’s store. It is only available for consumers who are part of the brand’s secret menu.

Is drinkable green bean casserole the best Thanksgiving beverage option?

While Aura Bora put its green bean casserole sparkling water front and center for this Thanksgiving, Jones Soda has offered Thanksgiving flavored sodas. That option captured the entire dinner in beverage form.

Jones has never shied away from creative beverage flavors. From this year’s holiday pack to the special reindeer flavor that will have some people laughing, these beverages never take themselves too seriously. That sentiment might be something that people need during the holiday season.

And, if a sparkling water or soda is not hearty enough for some people’s taste. Remember Nutribullet released a variety of Thanksgiving side dish smoothie recipes this year.

A little food creativity can go a long way especially around the holidays. Maybe it is time to toast to the favorite flavors and leave the fork on the table.