Unexpected Thanksgiving items that hosts should always have on hand

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The turkey is defrosted, the side dishes are prepared, and the wine is chilled. While those items and several others have been checked off the to-do list, the reality is that sometimes there are other things that might not be front of mind. These unexpected Thanksgiving items should always be in the host’s must have list.

According to Shipt, it compiled 9 most forgotten Turkey Day grocery items. While it can be easy to pick up that can of cranberry sauce, sweet rolls or even refrigerated dough, that list does not include some other items that might really come in handy. Sure, a can of whipped cream might save a dreadful pie, but there are some other things that might save that gathering.

Here are some unexpected Thanksgiving items that every host should have


Although no one wants to criticize that holiday feast, the reality is that sometimes that dinner might not be five star. Whether the seasoning went sideways, the turkey was a little too cooked, or the mashed potatoes were more like wallpaper spackle, the meal might leave a few people with their tummies feeling a little grumbly.

Having some Tums in the guest bathroom could save the day. It does not have to be a big production, but some guests might be grateful for that stomach relief. It could be the hidden gem that keeps tensions during the dessert course at bay.

Disposable takeaway containers

While some guests might like to have some leftovers from the feast, the host may not want to part with those Rubbermaid Brillance glass containers. Whether it is disposable muffin tins, takeout containers, or even a Ziploc bag, these options ensure that no one has to track down that dish.

Allergy medicine

Similar to the Tums, a package of allergy medicine might be helpful to avoid some uncomfortable moments. From the guest who forgot to mention that cat allergy to someone who is sensitive to certain foods, that antihistamine might be the relief that they need.

Headache relief

Whether it is uncomfortable questions or maybe imbibing a little too much before dinner, a pounding head does not make for pleasant dinner company. Having some options in the guest medicine cabinet could even make that incredibly loud children’s show more bearable.

For that last minute shopping, add some of these unexpected Thanksgiving items to the list. It might something that brings extra gratitude to the whole holiday experience.

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