Spindrift adds four new beverages to push forward its flavor innovations

New Spindrift flavors for 2023 includes Nojito and Peach Strawberry, photo provided by Spindrift
New Spindrift flavors for 2023 includes Nojito and Peach Strawberry, photo provided by Spindrift /

While “Drifters” are always loyal to their favorite sparkling water beverage, flavor innovations get the group even thirstier. As one year closes and another begins, Spindrift is launching four new beverages to bubble up a flavorful conversation in 2023. From Spindrift Nojito to two new tea beverages, those vibrant flavors are front and center in the glass.

Beverage trends are continually evolving. Currently, mocktails have taken over the conversation. While many of those drinks are as nuanced as the cocktails they are inspired by, the reality is that people crave certain sips. Even when they do not want to imbibe, they long for that flavor in the glass.

As seen with the new Spindrift Nojito, the beverage brand captures that concept. Each sip brings that bright, fresh flavor. When the beverage is this flavorful, it does not need any liquor to overpower it. Whether a sprig of mint or a lime wedge is added, it is the sparkling water is the star of the glass.

Speaking to the Spindrift beverage innovations, Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift said, “For us, 2023 is about continuing to innovate the beverage industry through incredible real ingredients. We started by introducing real ingredients to the sparkling water aisle, we’re now focused on extending that same innovation and creativity to other beverage categories. We’re broadening our product offerings to provide consumers with delicious options for every occasion.”

Spindrift Nojito and other new beverage flavors
New Spindrift flavors for 2023 includes Nojito and Peach Strawberry, photo provided by Spindrift /

What other tea innovations are joining the Spindrift Nojito?

While many people will be excited to crack open a can of Spindrift Nojito, it is only one of the four new Spindrift beverages coming to store shelves. The other beverages are Mango Black Tea, Mint Green Tea, and Peach Strawberry.

The Mango Black Tea is a bold expansion into the tea category. While the mango adds a tropical note, the squeeze of lemon rounds out the touch of sweetness. Although the brewed black tea is front and center, the layers of fruit notes make for a more balanced beverage.

For this beverage, consider serving it with a fresh lemon wedge. Or, for something even fancier, freeze some lemon in an ice cube for pretty and flavorful addition.

The Mint Green Tea has a lovely balance of earthy and refreshing. Although some green teas can be a little too grassy, this version is subtle. The addition of mint and lemon helps to bring a little zen to the glass.

To enhance the sipping experience, add a little mint garnish to the glass. For that moment to unplug, this beverage makes a great addition.

Lastly, the Peach Strawberry is the flavor that Drifters have been wanting. The juicy, ripe peach flavor is front and center. As the strawberry notes bring a little extra sweetness, this flavor feels like sitting on the porch on a summer day.

The new Spindrift beverages, including the Spindrift Nojito will hit store shelves in 2023. To celebrate the launch, Drifters will have an opportunity to win a 8-pack of Nojito cans starting on December 19.

The new year is going to be a flavorful one thanks to Spindrift. Which new beverage flavor will you pour first?