Sonic Under $2 Craves menu kicks off the year with flavorful savings

Sonic Under $2 Crave Menu kicks off 2023 announcements, photo provided by Sonic
Sonic Under $2 Crave Menu kicks off 2023 announcements, photo provided by Sonic /

Sometimes a little treat can satisfy in the biggest way. When that tasty bite doesn’t break the bank, it is a win all around. To kick off the new year, the Sonic under $2 Craves menu has everyone resolving to head to America’s favorite drive-in.

Over the past several months, Sonic has balanced menu innovation with bringing back fan favorite menu items. While some people marveled at the hearty burger options, others thirsted for the briny pickle offerings. No matter the audience, many people jumped in the car and headed to that parking spot.

To start 2023, the Sonic Under $2 Craves menu appeals to guests for two reasons. First, the value is clear. Whether people spent too much on holiday shopping or are looking to be more fiscally responsible, value food options get people’s attention. While fast food might always capture the convenience, it is the cost that often has guests placing that order.

Second, the special menu is smaller bites. Whether or not people are intentionally choosing to change eating habits, eat smaller portions, or another type of food resolution, the reality is that many people adapt new choices as a year begins. But, as some people have learned, total deprivation may not lead to satisfaction. Sometimes, a little treat can go a long way toward a more balanced food lifestyle.

Sonic Under $2 Crave Menu
Sonic Under $2 Crave Menu kicks off 2023 announcements, photo provided by Sonic /

What options are on the Sonic Under $2 Craves menu?

For the start of 2023, the Sonic Under $2 Craves menu features three items. They are Jr. Cheeseburger, FRITOS Chili Cheese Jr Wrap, and Sweet Mini sundaes.

The Jr Cheeseburger is a classic option. And, for anyone looking to satisfy that big burger flavor but wants to keep their food choices in check, the smaller size is perfect.

When it comes to eating satisfaction, many people have come to appreciate that texture is important. The FRITOS Chili Cheese Jr Wrap offers that extra crunch. The combination of crunchy, cheesy, and chili wrapped in a tortilla is quite satisfying. Again, it might be a small bite, but it curbs a big hunger.

Lastly, the Sweet Minis sundaes are a delightful reward for making it through another tough day. Available in an OREO Cookies and Chocolate and SNICKERS Bars and Caramel, the under 250 calorie dessert ensures that only minimal time at the gym will counterbalance the indulgence.

The Sonic Under $2 Craves Menu is available now through March 26, 2023, while supplies last. That end date is a curious one. Maybe there will be another big menu announcement coming in April of this year. Only time will tell.