Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ raises the flame to bold flavors

Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ joins the line-up, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ joins the line-up, photo provided by Doritos /

After embracing global flavors and favorite condiments, the popular Frito-Lay snack brand is kicking of 2023 by lighting the grill. Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ is new flavor coming to stores, and the flavor complexity cannot be ignored.

Doritos has never shied away from evolving beyond the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors. Over the years, the popular Frito-Lay snack brand has adopted spicy food trends, global flavors, and more. While the traditional triangle shape might always be the same, the eating experience can vary.

Although many people have flavor preferences, the reality is that food can be seasonal. Chilly winter days can have some people craving heartier bites or even comfort food. The brisk air can make that lasagna or bowl of soup even more satisfying.

In turn, summer brings the flavor from the flame. As the only cooking method that imparts flavor, grilling satisfies on that warm day. The fire heats up the grill and brings a bounty of deliciousness.

But, the piles of snow and manning the grill are not common bedfellows. Even if someone cravings that charred, sweet, and tangy taste from the succulent barbecue, the effort might not be worth the forkful. Doritos is ready to change that sentiment.

The new Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ is ready to bring barbecue flavors to a new level. No need to break out the charcoal or light the grill. The complex flavors are waiting to be discovered in the bag.

Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ with steak
Doritos and grilling – light the flame on Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ, photo provided by Doritos /

This new flavor hits like a great barbecue sauce. While there is a hint of sweetness, those flavors highlight the tanginess. Without the touch of sweet, the flavor would not be as complex. Blending a variety of other spices, this snack is a more robust version of a BBQ potato chip. It might be the new pairing for that classic hamburger.

Another idea could be to update that walking taco concept. With the Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ, why not add some pulled chicken and a little shredded cheddar cheese to a bag (or bowl if preferred). The punch of flavor brings summer vibes to any time of the year.

As part of the new snack launch, Doritos wants everyone to “Try Another Angle.” Although many people might be resolving to make changes, this concept is simple, approachable, and achievable. Seeing the world in a different light, embracing the moment, or just choosing to the different can be exhilarating. Whether it is barbecue in January or wearing socks with sandals, anything and everything is possible.

The Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ flavor will be available on both and various retailers nationwide. A bag has a suggested retail price of $5.99.