Instacart satisfies the Sober Curious with a Dry January Pop-Up shop

Instacart Dry January Pop-Up, photo provided by Instacart
Instacart Dry January Pop-Up, photo provided by Instacart /

After popping the cork on all that sparkling wine and shaking up celebratory cocktails, the New Year often comes with a resolve to put down the alcohol and choose a different beverage. Now the Sober Curious have a convenient way to keep the glass full thanks to the Instacart Dry January Pop-Up Shop.

According to Instacart, January 2022 reported the lowest alcohol sales of the year. Whether that stat is because of Dry January, Sober Curious, spending reductions, or just an abundance behind the home bar, the reality is that people buy less alcohol during the first month of the year.

According to Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert, “Over the past year, the number of alcohol alternative brands and products sold via Instacart has increased by nearly 33% compared to the year before, which further substantiates a growing consumer trend to reduce or replace alcohol consumption. Beyond the Instacart platform, there are plenty of bars, shops, and tasting events popping up in larger cities that are entirely devoted to zero-proof beverages, which is interesting to see – and I’ve even joined in on the trend myself! With an increasing number of people experimenting with sober curiosity and clean living, we can expect to see even more alcohol alternatives hit the market and show up in carts in 2023.”

How is the Instacart Dry January Pop-Up shop sparking a Sober Curious conversation?

As more people look for beverage alternatives to alcohol, shopping ease can help make the switch. The Dry January Pop-Up curates a variety of non-alcoholic beverages in one spot. From non-alcoholic beers to functional beverages, there are a plethora of offerings to quench that thirst.

With the continued rise of this market segment, the variety is what keeps the beverages from going flat. Whether it is a non-alcoholic beer like Athletic Brewing Company even the growing non-alcoholic wine market, it is the attention to craft and a flavor that rivals the alcoholic alternative that brings people back to order again.

Even if some people are doing just a “damp January,” the idea of switching one alcoholic cocktail for a nonalcoholic one comes with an assumption. While many people appreciate the one to one water concept, people want the same drinking satisfaction with the “mocktail.” No one wants to feel like they have reverted to the kids’ table. As companies elevate their offerings, consumers are more willing to buy into the concept.

For now, the Instacart Dry January Pop-Up is open on the app. This weekend, it might be time to shake up that beverage order.