Universal joins forces with Las Vegas Area15 on a new horror concept

HHN TM PreviewTeam Member PreviewHalloween Horror NightsUniversal Studios Florida
HHN TM PreviewTeam Member PreviewHalloween Horror NightsUniversal Studios Florida /

While the iconic phrase what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas might have people hoping there is no photographic evidence of those epic nights, Universal and Las Vegas Area15 are ready to bring a new scary moment to the conversation. In a recent company announcement, a horror-focus destination is waiting to make guests scream at every turn. Could this newest attraction open the doors to new direction for theme parks?

Although Orlando might be the theme park capital of the world and Universal Epic Universe is under construction, the Sunshine State is only one part of the entertainment company’s portfolio. As it looks to immerse fans into the worlds of their favorite characters and stories, the confines of the City Beautiful are limited. Now, it is looking to another epic destination to expand its offerings.

Beyond the vibrancy of the Strip, Area15 captivates visitors with its creative, immersive experience. Whether self-lead or a guided journey, the location cannot be described in a few words. The multi-faceted space has captivated anyone who has walked through its doors.

According to a recent Universal announcement, a horror themed experience will join Area15. The 20-acre expansion will be an anchor tenant. Although few other details are being revealed, including the potential launch date, the excitement is brewing for this horror-themed experience.

As one of the most popular Halloween events, Halloween Horror Nights brings legions of fans to test their fears. From scare zones to popular characters creeping around any turn, the screams are as numerous as the laughter. It might push people out of their comfort zone and they go back for more.

While there has been talk that Epic Universe might have a Universal Monsters attraction, this Las Vegas Area15 announcement shows that there is an audience for horror themed offerings beyond the scary season. The fear is just as thrilling as the big drop on a roller coaster.

The speculation regarding what, how, and who will be included in this Universal Horror attraction will grow until the terms are confirmed. Given that Universal Studios Hollywood added a Jordan Peele permanent attraction on its backlot, it seems likely that current partnerships mixed with classic Universal Monsters and other properties could be the focus.

For those who long to linger on the darker side, the gates to fear will be waiting to be opened. Do you dare confront those fears? In this case, those nightmares might not stay in Vegas for too long.