ESPN Postseasoning Chips bring the ultimate win to gameday

ESPN Postseasoning Chips for the 2023 NFL postseason, photo provided by ESPN
ESPN Postseasoning Chips for the 2023 NFL postseason, photo provided by ESPN /

As the regular season came to a close and the playoff games have teams dreaming of the ultimate victory, there is one taste that flavors those epic moments. ESPN Postseasoning Chips are here and it is time to get snacking.

Food and sports go hand in hand. Whether it is nervous munching when that game winning drive is on the line or celebrating the come from behind win, food is always part of the watching experience.

With the hunger growing, sports fans have started to elevate the food offerings. While some people create themed recipes based on the teams playing, others just want that flavor of victory. Even if the agony of defeat snatches the cheers away, there is always room for delicious food.

Last year, ESPN launched its Postseasoning. The spice blend had cooks and sports fans sprinkling that special blend on chicken wings, burgers, and a variety of other recipes. Although it might not guarantee a victory, the flavors were reason to celebrate.

This year, the EPSN Postseasoning Chips bring that thrilling flavor to the snack bowl, and it is even easier to enjoy. Simply open and enjoy. Sometimes the biggest victories are the ones that take minimal effort.

Discussing ESPN’s football postseason coverage and the special culinary offerings, Curtis Friends, Senior Director, Sports Marketing, ESPN said, “Postseasoning is an avenue for ESPN to serve fans in a variety of new ways. Year one with the seasoning, and now we are introducing Postseasoning The Chip and custom recipes for fans to enhance their gameday. These new evolutions pay tribute to postseason football and are built for the champions who come along the way.”

ESPN Postseasoning Chips and seasoning
ESPN Postseasoning Chips and seasoning, photo provided by ESPN /

How does ESPN Postseasoning Chips bring the flavor to gameday?

For those who were fortunate enough to get some Postseasoning, food and sports fans cheered for this flavor combination. It was well balanced with savory spices and a punch of approachable heat. The newly announced chips take that seasoning and give the humble potato chip a bold boost.

A sweet heat on a potato chip, it is the gochugaru that adds the umami flavor which makes it easy to eat the entire bag in a single setting. While the black pepper and cayenne add the heat, it is really the other flavors which make these chips both craveable and so eatable.

Although some people might want to pair the chips with an onion dip or other item, they are best when enjoyed on their own. Or, a completely different pairing idea, consider serving these chips with a ceviche or a fish dip. Dolphins and Jaguar fans might agree with this pairing.

And, do not let any broken pieces or crumbs go to waste in the bottom of the bag. There are too many uses for those treasures. For example, they make a great topping for a taco or a slider. Texture is always an important factor for eating satisfaction. No chip should be left behind.

While many people will share their culinary creativity with the ESPN Postseasoning chips, Marshmello, Monday Night Football music curator, will be hosting Cooking With Marshmello. Whether or not these recipes pair with his special soda remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to watch the music entertainer whip up some melodic recipes.

Where can fans get their hands on the ESPN Postseasoning Chips? ESPN will be handing out both the seasoning and the chips at Super Bowl LVII. Look for them February 9 through 12, 2023 in Old Scottsdale.

While cookies might be for closers, ESPN Postseasoning chips are for winners. Put on your lucky jersey, tuck the damnit doll away, and munch away on the flavor that is for champions.