New Pepsi Zero Sugar pops open bolder refreshment

New Pepsi Zero Sugar brings bold flavor to refreshment, photo provided by Pepsi
New Pepsi Zero Sugar brings bold flavor to refreshment, photo provided by Pepsi /

While Pepsi has been a taste of a generation, the beverage brand is never afraid to push the food conversation forward. From innovating a smooth pour with its Nitro offerings to even giving the holiday cookie pairing a twist with Pilk, that cola has showcased that it will never go flat. With the new Pepsi Zero Sugar, the beverage’s refreshment gets a bold upgrade and that is a reason to pop open a can and sip like it’s the first time.

Over the past year, Pepsi proposed the concept that it is the beverage that makes everything taste better. From burgers to dessert, that cola heightened the flavor experience one sip and bite at a time.

While that sentiment resonated with many people, some drinkers prefer to have a less sugar option in their glass. Although certain food descriptors have been washed away due to their negative connotations, the idea of zero sugar, eliminating an ingredient that some drinkers do not want, is a better understanding of what is in the bottle. It isn’t about restrictions; it is about fitting into lifestyle choices.

Although beverage drinkers want their options, they do not want to feel as if they are missing out. That zero sugar option might be preferred, but the substitute needs to be as good, or better, than the original. After all, if the concept is to remove those negative connotations, drinking satisfaction needs to be delivered otherwise its enjoyment goes down the drain.

New Pepsi Zero Sugar
New Pepsi Zero Sugar brings bold flavor to refreshment, photo provided by Pepsi /

By revamping this beverage, the new Pepsi Zero Sugar looks to bring the bold to the conversation. Although that term can interpreted differently by drinkers, the reality is that the beverage flavor needs to be refreshing, great tasting, and satisfying. Whether it is the person who prefers a zero sugar option or the drinking looking to make a switch, that first gulp needs to make a big impression.

According to Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – brand Pepsi, “At Pepsi, we put our consumers at the forefront of everything we do. Our R&D team leveraged the best new beverage technology to upgrade our Pepsi Zero Sugar product to give fans the best tasting cola in the zero-sugar category. The product is truly a breakthrough as it is the best zero sugar cola we’ve ever had – period. We’re so confident in its taste, that we are making up to 10 million free Pepsi Zero Sugars available to consumers so that people can try it for themselves.”

To make a big impression with this launch, Pepsi is putting the beverage in people’s hands for the ultimate taste test. There will be up to 10 million free new Pepsi Zero Sugar beverages given away. Throughout the playoffs fans can text “FREE PEPSI” to claim one or “FREE ZERO” during the Super Bowl to 81234 for a chance. Complete rules on this giveaway can be found on the brand’s website.

In addition to the free beverages, Pepsi will be launching a special Super Bowl campaign, activations and more. Check with retailers for availability.