Buffalo Trace rewards bourbon drinkers who go the extra mile

Buffalo Trace 2022 Antique Collection, photo provided by Buffalo Trace
Buffalo Trace 2022 Antique Collection, photo provided by Buffalo Trace /

Bourbon drinkers are often very passionate about America’s spirit. From collecting rare bottles to stocking their shelf with their favorite pour, they will often go above and beyond for the preferred liquor. For those Buffalo Trace fans who are willing to go the extra mile, a unique experience could be waiting at the finish line.

In December 2022, Buffalo Trace filled its eight millionth barrel since Prohibition. Since 1775, Buffalo Trace distilled thousands of award winning bottles. With legends like E.H. Taylor, Jr. and George T. Stagg lending their expertise to the American icon, many people have come to trust the name and turn to it to celebrate momentous occasions as well as every day enjoyment.

While the beginning of the year has some people exploring non-alcoholic beverages, others prefer to move forward one step at a time. For those who are willing to commit to going the extra mile, the celebrated bourbon brand might have the ultimate experience waiting on the other side.

Starting today through February 18, bourbon drinkers who run a mile for bourbon can enter to win the ultimate Buffalo Trace Distillery experience. Putting one foot in front of the other for this unique experience might be worth that extra effort.

As Harlen Wheatley, master distiller said, “The passion we see from our fans is the most inspiring part of what we do. We’re asking people to run just one mile for a chance to join us at Buffalo Trace Distillery for a specially curated bourbon experience, and the opportunity to stock their bars with an exclusive collection of some of our finest bourbons for the new year and beyond.”

To enter this opportunity, fans can visit www.willrunforbuffalotraceburbon.com. The prize includes “first-class trip for two to stay at the secluded Stagg Lodge on the distillery grounds, dinner prepared by the distillery’s private chef, private tours of the grounds and distillery, and an $800 gift card for gift shop merchandise. Buffalo Trace Distillery, whose portfolio includes the 2022 Antique Collection, will also donate bourbon, in the name of the winner, to a mutually agreed upon 501(c) charity. “

While many people might be willing to go more than just an extra mile for this experience, the opportunity is a special way for the bourbon brand to celebrate its loyal fan base. These types of special experiences ingrain that loyalty. It might be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it a memory that will be talked about forever.

It is time to lace up those shoes and get moving. Whether that mile takes 8 minutes to complete or 18 minutes, it does not matter. The best resolution to keep this year is to keep moving forward.