Aphrodisiac foods and healthy eating are a perfect love match

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Whether it is a special romantic evening, Valentine’s Day, or just because expressing love through food is always a tasty choice. When aphrodisiac foods and healthy eating choices go hand in hand, the dining experience is a match made in heaven. Ready to place some flavorful romance?

Cooking a special meal for someone is more than just throwing ingredients in a pan. As many chefs have said, a well-conventionalized meal is a way to express a special sentiment. Whether it is bringing back a special memory, a new beginning, or something else, that flavor lingers long after the plate is empty.

Sometimes cooks look to certain ingredients to bring the love to the table. While the list of aphrodisiac foods is long, some of those options might not be a favorite, easy, or common choice. Sure, oysters could be that libido enhancer, but it may not be an option for everyone.

One idea that might already be in the refrigerator is arugula. According to an Al-Nahrain University study, arugula can help to “block out environmental contaminants” and may boost male fertility. Although salad might not seem like a typical romantic dish, it could be that duality of love and healthy eating.

For example, Revol Greens Baby Arugula can be a great star of a first course salad. Whether topped with a savory bacon vinaigrette or topped with simple olive oil and vinegar, the options are many. Also, a little topping of arugula salad on a steak is just as tasty. The slight peppery note from the arugula can go with almost anything.

While the arugula could be part of special dinner, sparking the love does not have to wait till the end of the day. Sumo Citrus is a great way to perk up everyone’s interest anytime of the day. Vitamin C and antioxidants are good for overall health. Plus, citrus aroma can increase blood flow.

Sumo Citrus can be a delightful way to start the day. Easy to peel, the bright, sweet flavor can be that burst of sunshine. And, it can be an easy dessert. Even a few sections with a chocolate dipping sauce could be an easy and tasty option.

Since chocolate is often a popular aphrodisiac food, why not add a little healthy eating twist to that traditional option. The Chocolate Cashew & Almond Dip from Hope Foods has a luscious texture that makes it quite enjoyable to eat. Whether paired with strawberries or even pretzels, the options are many.

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What foods do you serve that spark the romance at the table? Have you found the perfect love match on a plate?