Coca-Cola Move celebrates self-expression with a powerful new flavor

Rosalia for the new Coca-Cola Move, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Rosalia for the new Coca-Cola Move, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

When the Coca-Cola Creations line reveals a new flavor, the announcement is more than just a unique sip for the iconic beverage brand. Although previous offerings have seen pixelated “byte” approach and has to capture the vastness of space, the reality is that this sub-set of Coca-Cola is about embracing collaboration within the beverage space and hopefully sparking a conversation beyond the can. With Coca-Cola Move and through the collaboration with Rosalia, it might be time to look within for a sense of a new beginning.

The idea of movement is complex. Forward, backward, but never stagnant, moving is more than just getting from one place to another. It can be a form of expression, a choice, or even a statement.

As Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company said, “Transformation as a means of self-expression is powerful and resonant for today’s generation, and music is the universal language for transformation.” However beverage drinkers perceive that “moment of metamorphosis” is personal.

While Coca-Cola has collaborated with many people over the years, the latest Creations offering in partnership with Rosalia appears to be more than just a name on the can. From the flavor to the design, the popular artist has an influence beyond the rhythmic music she produces.

Coca-Cola Move
Rosalia for the new Coca-Cola Move, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

Speaking to this particular collaboration, Grammy Award-winning recording artist and producer, Rosalía said, “I’m so excited for this co-created drink launch with Coca-Cola. I hope everybody enjoys this journey of music, flavors and creation as I did. I had a lot of fun creating LLYLM and this collaboration with Coke.”

The design represents Rosalia and her style. From the color choices to the doodles, the can embraces a sense of transformation, self-expression, and desire to embrace what is possible.

In addition, LLYLM song is the first time that Rosalia has a song with multiple languages. Also, it is the first time that Coca-Cola Creations has launched a song. The ability to morph from one aspect to another showcases that versatility is crucial to breaking down boundaries.

While the concept behind Coca-Cola Move is important, the flavor needs to hold an appeal. Having had the opportunity to try the beverage, it does not appear to be as sweet as a regular Coca-Cola. It almost has a slightly spicy, or even a touch of bitter note, similar to how tamarind food flavors some Latin American cuisine.

In addition, there is a hint of tropical sweetness. Whether it is pineapple or coconut, those notes keep the drink enjoyable and capture that escapism that movement can offer in the moment.

Coca-Cola Move can be found at various retailers for a limited time. Also, fans can interact with the Coca-Cola Creations digital hub for additional interactive experience. Lastly, there is an online Rosalia autographed memorabilia auction benefiting Antonio Gala Foundation.

Throughout 2023, Coca-Cola Creations will launch other new flavors. The most recent flavor was Dreamworld.