OREO Mint Frozen Treats brighten up the freezer aisle for spring

OREO Mint Frozen Treats, photo provided by OREO
OREO Mint Frozen Treats, photo provided by OREO /

After a hugely successful launch in 2022, OREO is adding to its popular Frozen Treats line. The new OREO Mint Frozen Treats adds another scoop of playfulness to the bowl. Ready to dig in?

Cookies and cream is always a favorite ice cream flavor. While some people might prefer bigger OREO pieces folded into the frozen dessert, the reality is that the flavor has a touch of whimsy in every bite. Whether it is the idea of having two desserts in one or just the enjoyment of finding that “cookie treasure” in a scoop, cookies and cream brings smiles all around.

Even though the classic OREO flavor will always be a favorite, the combination of OREO and mint is often a popular Springtime treat. Whether it is the burst of refreshment or the particular green color, some people might feel like the treat is the perfect pot of gold sweetness.

In a recent company announcement, the new OREO Mint Frozen Treats have everyone excited to get that first taste. Described as mint flavored frozen dessert with pieces of OREO cookie folded into it, the treat has a burst of mint, but the sweetness is not overshadowed. It is refreshing, satisfying, and soon to be a popular choice.

OREO Mint Frozen Treats
OREO Mint Frozen Treats, photo provided by OREO /

According to Sydney Kranzmann, Senior Brand Manager, OREO US, “Fans loved the frozen take on the cookie they know and love and now, with the launch of OREO Mint Frozen Treats, we have an opportunity to playfully reinvent ways for our loyal fans to enjoy one of their favorite OREO cookie flavors.”

OREO Mint has become a popular choice in the brand’s cookie line-up. Adding the combination to the frozen line is a smart choice for the brand. Given the springtime launch, it might have some people looking to the freezer instead of heading to their local ice cream shop or restaurant.

Although the brand did not allude to any future OREO Frozen Treats offerings, it will be interesting to see how the brand continues to expand the line. Whether it is incorporating those Golden OREOs or maybe bringing a coffee flavor to the freezer, the possibilities are many.

The new OREO Mint Frozen Treats will be available at retail stores nationwide. A 48oz container has a suggested retail price of $6.99.