Wingstop asks would you bathe in ranch on National Ranch Day?

This National Ranch Day, fans have the opportunity to "Bathe in Ranch."
This National Ranch Day, fans have the opportunity to "Bathe in Ranch." /

While many people believe that ranch is the only sauce for chicken wings, Wingstop is asking those ranch fans how far would they go for their love of the condiment. On National Ranch Day, the restaurant brand asks, would you bathe in ranch?

Many food lovers take their hunger for their favorite food to another level. While food fashion might have taken over the closet or some people have made that love of food permanent, the reality is that actions speak more than words.

With Wingstop fans, their love of ranch is clear. To celebrate that craving, the restaurant brand is offering two promotions. First, on March 10, National Ranch Day, guests can use the promo code “FREERANCH” to receive a regular-sized a la carte ranch dip to the order.

For those people who are more passionate about ranch, Michael Skipworth, Wingstop’s President & CEO has another option. He said, “Fans can’t get enough of our ranch. In fact, some love it so much they claim they’d take a bath in it. Flavor fans – here is your chance!”

Wingstop and Buff City Soap are giving the 100 fans bars of ranch-scented, ranch-inspired soaps. While it is not necessarily filling a bathtub in that creamy condiment, it brings the aroma of buttermilk, dill, parsley, and seasonings to that bathing experience. Although it might not be the typical soap aroma, it could work in some ways. Maybe the buttermilk aspect could make skin softer.

National Ranch Day Wingstop Ranch promoion
This National Ranch Day, fans have the opportunity to “Bathe in Ranch.” /

Although this National Ranch Day promotion verges on a little unusual, it isn’t the first (or probably last) time that companies push the boundaries on food offerings. From the recent ranch ice cream announcement to previously offering ranch filled Christmas stockings, food fans are often passionate about their favorite flavors.

While this Wingstop promotion is all in good fun, it could spark a new trend. Food scented candles have been the rage for years. Why couldn’t there be some food scented soaps. Maybe bathing with some chocolate chip cookie soap could satisfy that craving. What about the warm, sweet scent of cinnamon buns. The list is quite long.

For now, Wingstop is going all in for National Ranch Day. More information on the ranch soap can be found at it and the free ranch promotion can be found online.