Walmart announces an Easter meal and Easter basket for less than $100

Walmart rolls back Easter ham prices, photo provided by Walmart
Walmart rolls back Easter ham prices, photo provided by Walmart /

While many shoppers hope that food costs would stabilize, the economy roller coaster continues to impact the food budget. With Easter approaching, some people are wondering how both the Easter basket and the Easter meal will fit into cost conscious shopping. For this holiday season, Walmart shoppers can purchase both an Easter meal and Easter basket for less than $100.

Holiday celebrations often bring people together over a plate of food. It is more than just a grab and go bite. That time around the table is a moment to reconnect. The food and the holiday might be the catalyst, but the celebration creates a lasting memory.

With Easter quickly approaching, Walmart understands that shoppers want to bring those food traditions to the table. Food costs impact the weekly budget, not just the lavish holiday meal. In order to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a little more for the occasion, Walmart is rolling back the Easter meal and Easter basket prices to 2021 costs.

As seen in a recent Walmart blog post, John Laney, Executive Vice President, Food, Walmart U.S. announced that an Easter meal and Easter basket would be less than $100. According to its statement, “65 percent reported they expect inflation will have an impact on their Easter celebration.” With that in mind, the company is offset the costs on certain holiday essentials to give shoppers a break. The idea is that consumers “can celebrate Easter without compromise.”

The savings will be found on Easter essentials like ham, green beans and various fixings. Although the price of eggs might not be as inexpensive as previous years, the idea is that other lower prices can offset the bottom line.

Walmart Easter Basket candy Easter meal savings
Walmart Easter Basket savings, photo provided by Walmart /

In addition, Walmart is showing shoppers how to create an entire Easter basket that fits into their budget. From those always popular Reese’s eggs to a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunny, all the classic candy is front and center.

To make shopping even easier, Walmart is offering all the Easter essentials compiled for delivery. Via the special savings portal, guests can pick all the items and have them available for delivery or curbside pickup. It seems that the Easter bunny isn’t the only one delivering all the Easter treats this year.

Given that Walmart offered a similar concept last year around Thanksgiving, it will be interesting to see how it continues to leverage these special types of holiday savings. Could a 4th of July bundle come this summer? Only time will tell.

For now, an Easter meal and Easter basket under $100 is waiting for cost conscious consumers. Ready to fill the table with tasty food and lasting holiday memories?