Norwegian Cruise Line Adult Alcohol-Free Program recognized for its beverage innovation

Norwegian Prima Vibe Beach Club mocktails, photo by Cristine Struble
Norwegian Prima Vibe Beach Club mocktails, photo by Cristine Struble /

While a cruise vacation might be the ultimate escape for guests, the food and beverage experience needs to be as inclusive as the activities on board. Whether it is an elegant wine paired with a multi-course dinner or a quick beer after an excursion, the ship needs to encompass it all. With the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, those glasses need to be filled with flavorful sips. As seen with its recent recognition, the Norwegian Cruise Line Adult Alcohol-Free Program has hit the mark.

When Norwegian Cruise Line launched Prima, beverage innovation was front and center. Many people marveled at the application of repurposing ingredients for sustainable cocktails at its Metropolitan Bar. While the kitchen has often appreciated the concept of zero-food waste, the bar and craft cocktails can adapt that concept as well. The nuanced flavors are definitely a reason to raise a glass.

In addition, the Norwegian Cruise Line embraced the mocktail movement. Whether spurred by sober curiosity or a necessary component of a robust bar program, these mocktails are more than just water with a splash of citrus. In some ways, the creativity woven into their development showcased that alcohol is not always necessary on vacation.

Recently, the Norwegian Cruise Line Adult Alcohol-Free Program and its Wine Program was awarded the best in category by 2023 Vibe Vista Awards. Responding to the recognition, Mark Kansley, Senior Vice President, Hotel Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line, said, “The foundation of our guest first philosophy is built on continuously innovating the onboard experience and further developing our award-winning food and beverage programs. We are thrilled to share the accomplishments of our skilled onboard culinary and beverage professionals whose talents continuously showcase NCL’s commitment to excellence and innovation in creating unique dining experiences for our guests.”

While the accolades are well appreciated, it sets a bar for the NCL beverage program and many people are excited to see what they shake up next behind the bar. With this summer’s launch of Viva, the next ship in the Prima line, there could be more beverage innovation to come. Although the new ship might have some similarities to Prima, the beverage program could see some new offerings. Given that the team often looks to bring some of the best mixologists into their program, there could be trending flavors, ingredients, and presentations on the horizon.

For now, toasting a sunset at sea, the dawn of a new day, or the excitement of a new adventure is a flavorful one with the Norwegian Cruise Line Adult Alcohol-Free Program.