Everyone is thirsty for the new Simply Spiked Peach juicy flavors

New Simply Spiked Peach flavors, photo provided by Simply Spiked
New Simply Spiked Peach flavors, photo provided by Simply Spiked /

With summer around the corner, it is time to think about sunny weather and warm day. Peaches often flavor a variety of foods on the table. Both sweet and savory can pair with that classic stone fruit. The new Simply Spiked Peach adds that sweet juiciness to the refreshing hard lemonade.

Sometimes certain flavor combinations are classic. While peach and tea are a common combination, fruits and lemonade are another one. While berries often bring the sweet to the glass, other fruits can add another nuance.

When Simply Spiked was launched, many people rushed to open a can. Bringing the right balance of sweet and tart, the hard beverage was instantly a huge hit. It was an easy drinking option. Whether drunk straight from the can or enjoyed from a glass, there were no shortage of ways to enjoy that beverage. It filled many refrigerators and coolers last summer.

While the first launch had several flavors, many people wanted one fruit that was missing, peach. After hearing their pleas, peach has entered the can.

According to Joy Ghosh, vice president of Above Premium Flavor at Molson Coors Beverage Company, “Our day one fans have been asking for peach flavors since we launched Simply Spiked Lemonade last year. Now we’re back with not just one, but four new Simply Spiked Peach flavors and things are getting juicy.”

Simply Spiked Peach
New Simply Spiked Peach flavors, photo provided by Simply Spiked /

The four new Simply Spiked Peach flavors are Signature Peach, Mango Peach, Strawberry Peach, and Kiwi Peach. While the Signature Peach will be the flavor that everyone must try first, it is the Strawberry Peach that will rise to the top. That combination of flavors might sound like a fruit salad, but the contrasts make it quite refreshing.

Thinking about the Strawberry Peach flavor, one lovely addition to the drinking enjoyment is to pair it with some fresh mint. The brightness from the herb contrasts the sweet and tart of the beverage. It will quickly become a must have on a warm summer day.

The most unique pairing is the Kiwi Peach. While many people pair strawberries and kiwi, this twist with the slightly tart lemon could expand the appreciation for the flavor pairing.

Lastly, the Mango Peach would be great served with a scoop of sorbet. While the adult popsicle trend might be slightly overplayed, the idea of a scoop of sorbet with a Simply Spiked Mango Peach could be a sweet ending to a summer barbecue.

The new Simply Spiked Peach has 5% real fruit juice and 5% ABV. It will be sold in a 12-pack variety option or a 24oz Signature Peach flavor.