Blue Moon celebrates Opening Day by transforming back to Bellyslide Wit

Blue Moon celebrates Opening Day by transforming back to Bellyside Wit, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon celebrates Opening Day by transforming back to Bellyside Wit, photo provided by Blue Moon /

From the first inning to the seventh inning stretch, many baseball fans appreciate sipping on a cold beer while watching the game. Blue Moon is forever connected to baseball; some might say that it was brewed by baseball. From the first few pints poured at the Sandlot Brewery in Coors Field to the bottles enjoyed today, the Belgium style Wit beer always receives cheers. As baseball fans celebrate Opening Day, the beer brand is stepping back in time and rebranding itself, Bellyslide Wit.

For those who do not know the name origin, Bellyslide refers to how a baseball player can slide into the plate. While Wit refers to a beer made with Belgium wheat. It is similar to the beer that people know today.

Certain beers have stood the test of time. Even though a food trend can influence the flavors mixed into the malt, the reality is that beer drinkers truly want one thing, a great beer time and again.

While Blue Moon has become a favorite with beer drinkers, the beer brand has evolved over the years. From hazy versions to lighter sips, one aspect still remains with all of them. A piece of fruit can enhance that drinking experience. As the garnish slides over the rim, the beer drink knows that flavorful refreshment is on the way.

Bellyslide Wit Blue Moon x Ebbets Capsule Collection,
Blue Moon x Ebbets Capsule Collection, photo provided by Blue Moon /

As seen with many food trends, brands are embracing their roots and highlighting nostalgia. To kick off the baseball season, rebranding as Bellyslide Wit is a smart move. From the bottle to the food fashion, it shows that the real fans never waiver from their favorite pour.

According to Mara Schaefer, senior director of Above Premium Beer at Molson Coors Beverage Company, ”We may be known for our roster of beers, but Blue Moon Brewing Company was born out of a love for baseball. Coming off the heels of Blue Moon’s first ever Super Bowl ad, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of the sport that first made us shine. When looking for a partner to help us pay homage to our baseball origins, we wanted to work with a brand that was also rooted in a love for the sport. As an iconic sportswear brand best known for their field flannels and throwback jerseys, Ebbets was a natural fit.”

The specially packaged Bellyslide Wit is available via a giveaway. For those who do not win that 6-pack, they can purchase a variety of the Blue Moon x Ebbets capsule collection. It could be the perfect item to wear to that baseball game while enjoying a cold Blue Moon.