Subway Pickleball Club unveiled ahead of Pickleball Slam

New Subway Pickleball Club to join the menu, photo provided by Subway
New Subway Pickleball Club to join the menu, photo provided by Subway /

It might be time to swap that Meatball Marinara for a new sub order. The Subway Pickleball Club is coming to restaurants menus and some tennis greats are ready to debut the new menu offering at the Pickleball Slam.

Pickle has been a trending flavor for a while. Pickleball has taken over the sports world. Now, the two are combining for the ultimate taste experience.

Available starting April 27, the Subway Pickleball Club will highlight two ingredients, the reimagined Honey Mustard and the thick-cut, crunchier dill pickles. Those two items are combined with Black Forest ham, double American cheese, hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. The new sub is served on Artisan Italian bread.

Although April 27 is several weeks away, Subway is kicking off the new menu item at the Pickleball Slam, which is being held at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida on April 2. As the presenting sponsor, Subway is joining forces with tennis legend, 2003 U.S. Open Winner, and former #1 in the world Andy Roddick.

Speaking to the new Subway Pickleball Club, Roddick said, “Subway is as excited as I am about the Pickleball Slam, but also how much fun it is to learn the game and be a part of Pickleball culture. Whether you’re a regular in the kitchen or have never even seen a pickleball court, the all-new Pickleball Club has the perfect mix of Subway signature crave and delicious ingredients to keep things fresh.”

Subway Pickleball Club
New Subway Pickleball Club to join the menu, photo provided by Subway /

Subway has been leveraging well-known sports figures to promote its restaurant and sub offerings. From low carb bread to the recent menu revamp, the popular sports personalities help to make a connection with guests.

More importantly, the new Subway sub is about the flavor. While the launch at the Pickleball event is a fun way to introduce a pickle forward menu option, the combination of ingredients needs to impress. In this case, the flavors should be a grand slam.

One of the best parts of a pickle is the crunch. Since Subway added the thicker cut, crunchier pickles to its menu, the added texture brightens the overall eating enjoyment. While the thicker pickle adds texture, the size ensures that the pickle is not overwhelmed by other flavors. There is no hiding that pickle.

Looking at the other ingredient combinations, the Subway Pickleball Club is approachable. Although not necessarily a Cuban sandwich, there is a slight nod to those flavor combinations. The ham, pickle and mustard are a similar concept, but the bacon takes it in a different direction.

Launching this new Subway sub at the Pickleball Slam is a fun cross-over. Even though it will be several weeks before guests can get that first taste, the event builds the hype for the new menu items. Excitement around food always makes it taste better.

In addition, it could be interesting to see how other food brands incorporate sports events with new menu or product launches. Could there be a corn/cornhole offering for that Johnsonville sausage?

The new Subway Pickleball Club joins the menu on April 27. The Pickleball Slam is being held on April 2 at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The event will be televised on ESPN at 12 p.m. on April 2.