Hidden Valley Ranch adds New Pickle Flavored Ranch and it’s a big dill

Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

Many people have professed their love of ranch. From the perfect chicken wing pairing to enticing people to eat more vegetables, there are plenty of reasons to always have a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch in the house. With the new Pickle Flavored Ranch, the tangy flavor opens a whole new bottle of possibilities.

Certain flavors often go together. Even if a brand might not have initially offered that flavor, many people find a way to combine those flavors or food. Ranch and pickles are that combination.

Although food tok might have some questionable offerings, the idea of bringing together pickles and ranch does make sense. Who hasn’t put pickles and ranch on a burger or sandwich? The briny, tangy pickle with the cool, creamy ranch is a flavor pairing that works.

As C.C. Ciafone, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch said, “The flavors of ranch and pickle pair extraordinarily well. The tangy, dill-pickly flavor is the perfect complement to the creamy, savory flavor profile of Hidden Valley Ranch.”

Pickle Flavored Ranch from Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

The new Pickle Flavored Ranch is a Walmart exclusive. The 20-ounce, inverted bottle has a suggested retail price of $4.88.

Thinking about this new Hidden Valley Ranch offering, there are plenty of applications. Of course, there is dipping, drizzling, and smothering. It will make that classic Deviled Egg recipe even tastier. But, it is time to go beyond the simple.

For example, many people appreciate that brining chicken in pickle juice adds flavor. Why not use the Pickle Flavored Ranch in a marinade for chicken. Whether grilled or fried, it will add bold flavor to the poultry.

An example that is quite outside of the box, consider using this item on a white fish. Some chefs recommend mayonnaise as a way to keep white fish moist during cooking. Dill and fish are a classic combination. Cover a white fish with the Pickle Flavored Ranch and cook gently in the oven. It could get more people to try fish.

As more people get that first taste of the Hidden Valley Ranch product, it will be interesting to see all the applications. Food creativity has been growing. Although it might not be the best idea to create a version of that HVR ice cream, there could be a calling for some unusual applications.

How would you use the new HVR Pickle Flavored Ranch? Does it lend itself to food recipes that might be a little outside of the box?