Mother’s Day extravaganza both in restaurants and at home

Mom’s Big Apple Pie in the Sky Sundae photo provided by Serendipity3
Mom’s Big Apple Pie in the Sky Sundae photo provided by Serendipity3 /

Celebrating mom or the woman in your life does not necessarily have to be limited to a single day. Still, a Mother’s Day extravaganza can be an over the top option to show how much she is appreciated. Whether enjoying time at a restaurant or creating something special at home, the creativity on the table will make her smile.

From cocktails to desserts and everything in between, there are many ways to express sentiments through food. From a favorite dish to introducing mom to a new flavor, there are plenty of options to explore.

For the mom who loves an over the top dessert, the Mom’s Big Apple Pie in the Sky Sundae at Serendipity3 is the ultimate indulgence. It combines two classic desserts, ice cream and apple pie. Instead of vanilla ice cream, Serendipity3 uses butter pecan ice cream for a little extra nuance. Topped with caramel sauce, candied pecans, and a warm piece of Apple Pie, it is about having the best of both worlds. Plus, the candy rose is the chef’s kiss to this special dessert.

Mom’s Big Apple Pie in the Sky Sundae at Serendipity3
Mom’s Big Apple Pie in the Sky Sundae photo provided by Serendipity3 /

If a visit to the New York City landmark is not in the cards, why not create an over the top ice cream dessert for that special woman. For example, why not start with some Breyers ice cream in her favorite flavor. Whether it the Carb Smart option or a simple scoop of vanilla, combine that frozen treat with another favorite dessert. From a slice of chocolate cake to even a strawberry shortcake, it is all about embracing the extra.

Another favorite Mother’s Day extravaganza option is brunch. While many restaurants have prix fixe or lavish buffets for the holiday, it is best to pick a place that has the food she loves. From seafood to a juicy steak, the options are many.

One of the staples on Mother’s Day is a mimosa or a glass of bubbles. While the Hard Rock Café has a mimosa flight and other restaurants have similar special offerings, this idea can easily be recreated at home. For example, grab a bottle of La Marca and set up a variety of Natallie’s Juices to allow her to create her signature cocktail. From a blood orange with a splash of tangerine juice to a guava forward option, cocktail creativity will fill the glass.

Lastly, the Mother’s Day extravaganza can even be tackled last minute. Although there might not be time to get some personalized M&M’s, there are plenty of other candies that can be turned into a sweet gift. Similar to the Pillsbury Brunch Bouquets, almost any food can be turned into a bigger gift. From favorite candies to cookies, those favorite foods can be transformed into something special.

Also, if heading to the grocery store is not in the cards, Instacart can do the heavy lifting. Place that shopping order, have it delivered, and make a creative presentation. From a bouquet to a tower to something unique, it is about putting in the effort.

In the end, the biggest Mother’s Day extravaganza is the one that makes that special woman feel appreciated. It is not necessarily the dollars spent, rather it is the thought that counts.