Blue Moon Magenta Moon is a dynamic warm weather beer

Blue Moon Magenta Moon arrives for a limited time, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon Magenta Moon arrives for a limited time, photo provided by Blue Moon /

While the orange garnish might be put on pause, another colorful beer conversation is waiting to be poured this summer. The new Blue Moon Magenta Moon turns heads as the glass hits the table. Inspired by Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta, this beer sparks excitement from the first sip to that last drop.

Available exclusively at RiNo Brewery in Denver, Colorado, the limited-edition beer is a slight departure from the classic Blue Moon formula. Although the brand has expanded to lighter option, hazy varieties and other beer offerings, this colorful slant takes the classic Belgium-style wheat beer in a different direction.

According to Blue Moon’s Senior Brewer Emilie Stewart Maskwa, “When the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 was announced, we felt Viva Magenta was the perfect representation of our bright and exciting brewing experience at Blue Moon Brewing Company. We are always exploring the different elements that make up a great beer, such as color, so this felt like a natural fit for our next brewing adventure. We may be known for our signature hazy, orange color but working Viva Magenta inspired us to explore new fruits, feelings, and flavors. With Magenta Moon we’ve created a bright and fruit-forward brew that is going to hit the spot as we kick-of the warmer season.”

The Blue Moon Magenta Moon features hibiscus, which brings both the electrifying color and floral flavor notes. While there might not be a flower garnish on the glass, there is nod to that tropical vibe that entices the drinker to put their cares away. It might not be a metaphorical getaway, but there is a sense of escapism.

Blue Moon Magenta Moon
Blue Moon Magenta Moon arrives for a limited time, photo provided by Blue Moon /

In addition to the floral, the beer features passionfruit and a hint of banana powder. Those fruit flavors with the hops and underlying citrus adds a depth without becoming heavy. It is an enjoyable craft ale that everyone should try before it disappears.

Although this special beer is a very limited release, it has some people wondering if the concept could evolve into another offering. Boldly colored beers are becoming more common. Florals have joined the conversation. A larger scale offering could find an audience. Many beer drinkers are thirsty for the next beer trend.

Similar to food trends that seem to fill the table and social media feeds, people want to be in the know and enjoy that first taste. When color and flavor can combine for that perfect taste, it is a win for everyone.

The limited-edition Blue Moon Magenta Moon has a 5.4% ABV. It is a RiNo Brewery exclusive pour.